Don’t Stop, Eat up In Croatia

Don't Stop, Eat up In Croatian

There are two  reasons why Croatian food is so good. One is they know that well-executed simplicity equals mighty and delicious dishes.Another is they have easy access to the best ingredients.
Fresh fruit and vegetables

It doesn’t get any better than this –unless you can move your life to a new, clean planet and own a plot of land and grow your own untarnished sprouts. So please, at least once during your holiday, make the effort to stay away from chain supermarkets, just for one day. Get your peaches, raspberries and grapes at the local market close to you –every Croatian city and town has one, we mentioned this fact already, so lazy vacationer’s excuses will not get you off the hook. Once you taste real freshness, there will be no turning back. Don't Stop, Eat up In Croatian
Fresh fish
How about a meal where the main dish was swimming in the waters of the Adriatic a few hours ago? This is quite feasible if you come to the right country on vacation – Croatia , and if you go to your local market before noon. If you’re a bit worried because you don’t know what to buy, talk to people at the stalls.Don't Stop, Eat up In Croatian

The shop assistants will be happy to give you honest advice in any one of the four different languages they all probably speak to some degree. If you are unsure as to how you should cook the fish, again, talk to the same person who’s cleaning it for you. He or she will happily tell you what to do, and might even instruct you to get the three of four branches of rosemary you will need for the recipe from a public garden around the corner – rosemary grows everywhere.

When you can count on good, wholesome fresh milk and great cheese craftsmanship, how can the results not be amazing? If you get confused by the names or don’t recognize the cheese you usually buy at home, that’s even better –it means you’ll be tasting something new.Don't Stop, Eat up In Croatian


In most local markets, tucked away in some corner, there is a stand that sells nothing but honey and an interesting array of natural, related products. As with cheese, there are always several kinds of honey on offer, and you can try before you commit to one over the other.Don't Stop, Eat up In Croatian

Just pick a spoon and dip it into the open jars in front of you: The color, the smell, the taste and the texture will guide you in the direction your palate wants to go. Whatever you choose, you’re in good hands: Croatian bees and beekeepers know their trade very well. A safe bet if you don’t feel adventurous is linden honey – it’s light and sweet and flagrant, all of the above without excess.