Earn Up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards Points Per Year Free Via Social Media

Marriott has regularly offered points for linking your social media accounts. Three years ago they let you earn up to 2000 points per month via social.

In 2016 they gave out 84,000,000 points to 73,000 members (1150 points per member). Now they’re rebooting social earning, renaming #MRPoints to #RewardsPoints and will allow earning up to 45,000 points per year — which can transfer to 15,000 Starwood Starpoints.

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Here’s what they say they’re offering:

  • Earn 750 points for connecting Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to a Marriott Rewards account (that’s less than the 1500 points on offer in the fall)
  • Earn 250 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram
  • Plans for 3 or 4 points-earning social campaigns per month

Free points are better than not free points, although points earned via social do not reset points expiration in Marriott Rewards. If you’re engaging with Marriott via social anyway this is great.
Doing it just for the points will likely translate to a fairly high opportunity cost of time. However linking accounts to your member profile so they know who is saying what about them likely makes good sense.

The back end of Marriott’s system for this is Chirpify.