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backpacking around the world alone

How to Travel the World With 1 Backpack

March 31, 2017

One common issue many travelers have as they prepare for an exciting trip is over-packing. From too many clothes to bulky electronics, it’s easy to bring way more than you need and that will ultimately slow you down from enjoying the things you really want to do. Faced with this problem, I started to think […]

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Fall Foliage Road Trips Tips

Fall Foliage Road Trips Tips

March 28, 2017

Well! It is clever that be sure to do your road trip research before hitting the open road. And here is our top road trip tips for you guys! 1. Car Safety – Prepping for Your Trip Cellular Security: To stay in touch with work and home, as well as handle unexpected events on the […]

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Backpacking for Beginners

3 Steps Backpacking Tips for the Beginners

March 25, 2017

Beyond the busy local trail and bustling car campground lies a more immersive experience. Backpacking offers a richer, more rewarding appreciation of the natural world. Carrying life’s essentials on your back will be both liberating and physically challenging. And here’s the 3 steps backpacking tips for the beginners. Check it out! Step 1: Find an […]

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mid-atlantic region

The Best Fall Foliage Road Trips

March 10, 2017

While leaf peeping is best done on foot, the better to engage all of your senses and you have to get there somehow, so today here are some advice for best fall foliage road trips. Check them out, below. Northeast Region In the Northeast, New England reigns supreme for fall-foliage viewing. Such states as Maine, […]

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The Century of the Selfie

Best Tips on How to Travel Alone

February 6, 2017

Well! Travel alone is one of the fastest growing travel trends of the 21st century. According to one survey by the site, more than 50% of respondents will travel alone on their next trip. Fancy trying it yourself? Very pleased to share with you our best tips to guide how to take a solo […]

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backpacker tips

Top 10 The Best Travel Advice for the Backpackers

December 23, 2016

If you are to take any advice with you, this is  my ultimate, condensed list of the best travel tips I have received or discovered myself whilst backpacking around the world. Hope  to help you with  these top 10 travel tips and remind yourself of them on your travels.   1. Stay To Appreciate One […]

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backpacking with kids

Tips for Successfully Backpacking Excursions with Kids

December 22, 2016

Indeed, kids need to spend time outdoors—a fun, healthy, beyond-the-ordinary place because they can learn more from that outdoors activities. And, backpacking is a great way to help them appreciate all the beauty and adventure that the natural world offers. Below are some of our favorite tips for successfully taking kids (from about age 6 […]

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Winter group walks in the UK

Top 8 The Best Winter Group Walks In the UK

December 15, 2016

Well! Make it short and let’s get down to business! Below are the 8 best group walks for winter in the UK. 1. National Trust walks, various Lots of National Trust properties run guided walks aimed at blowing away the cobwebs after Christmas. Boxing Day events include strolls around the estates at Lyme, Cheshire; Knole, […]

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5 Tips for Avoiding and Dealing With Bedbugs While Traveling

September 1, 2016

Bedbugs have existed since the beginning of time, and spread around the world by hitching rides. British colonists unwittingly introduced the pests to the U.S., where they continued being a nuisance until the ‘40s or ‘50s, when the pesticide DDT decimated their numbers. But then DDT was banned in the ‘70s and global travel increased, […]

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Life-Saving Tech Tips Every Traveler Should Know

August 31, 2016

To be a savvy traveler is to be a tech-savvy traveler. From using GPS to navigate unknown territory to scouring apps for the best local restaurants to taking photos on multiple devices to document your travels, tech is important in almost every aspect of travel. Read some of our top tips on how to pack, […]

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