Life-Saving Tech Tips Every Traveler Should Know

To be a savvy traveler is to be a tech-savvy traveler. From using GPS to navigate unknown territory to scouring apps for the best local restaurants to taking photos on multiple devices to document your travels, tech is important in almost every aspect of travel. Read some of our top tips on how to pack, protect and fix your tech, and then browse the photo galleries to see all 40. Trust me, they’ll come in handy.

Pack It

Think about your packing strategy so you’ll know where everything is when you need it.

Invest in a quality bag so everything can have a place. We love Peak Design’s Everyday Messenger bag and all its many compartments.

Toiletries and tech don’t mix, so use bags like this Travel Flex bag to keep your liquid toiletries sealed and prevent any chance your shampoo could explode on a new camera lens.

Use packing cubes to make sure everything has a place. Tortuga has some great options. If you’re on a budget, try recycling those heavy duty plastic bags used to store bed linens instead.

Protect It

A cracked screen or lost phone is frustrating in and of itself, but imagine dealing with that while in an unfamiliar place. Not fun.

Use a screen protector for your smartphone. Everyone knows the feeling you experience in the .05 seconds after dropping your phone and picking it up to see if the cherished device is ruined. With a screen protector, you may see cracks when you flip the phone over, but it’ll most likely only be the screen protector and not the screen itself.

Buy insurance. AppleCare for iPhones and SquareTrade for Android phones can be great for covering damage caused by dropping a phone or spilling water on it.

Protect devices from extreme temperatures. To avoid sun damage, try to use a light-colored case and keep your devices in the shade. Temperatures below 32 degrees can also have adverse effects on phones like causing the battery to drain or die. Limit using a phone in very cold temperatures, and keep it in a pocket the rest of the time.

Fix It

If a tech tragedy does strike, here are some on-the-go tips for fixing a phone.

In the event of water damage, power off the phone (if it didn’t automatically) and place it in a sealed bag of rice for two days.

For a cracked phone screen, place a screen cover or even clear packing tape to cover minor cracks. If the screen is completely shattered, place the phone in a plastic bag until you can get it fixed. Replacing a smartphone screen will cost about $100 at most repair stores.

To address an overheated phone, turn off any applications that are running in the background or simply turn it off. Removing a protective case and placing your phone in a cool (but not cold) environment can also help.