South Pacific

Colourful nightlife of Miami Beach

Best Places to go on holiday in November 2016

November 5, 2016

Yeah~ Here! World Travel Guide’s resident music connoisseurs Claire Baranowski, Amy Yi and Chris Swindells send you around the world this November, via six music festivals.   For beach bums.. Short haul: Dublin, Ireland Well, as the November chills come down on Dublin it’s unlikely its beaches will see many people flocking for a dip […]

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Whitsunday Islands Australia

Travel Tips For Whitsunday Islands Australia

August 19, 2016

The Whitsunday Islands are made up of a group of 74 wondrous little Islands in Queensland. They are a very popular travelling destination in Australia. The Whitsundays are located between the mainland and the Great Barrier Reef, offering excellent scuba diving and snorkelling possibilities on the local coral reefs. It is also a good starting […]

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Easter Island

Vintage Tours on Easter Island

August 1, 2016

Easter Island is the the right place to take a little time to explore and you will find that we can provide complete personalized solutions for your time on Rapa Nui. One of the reasons to come to Easter Island is to get to know personally this now famous and almost lost civilization including the […]

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Vanuatu island travel guide 02

Vanuatu-Stunning South Pacific Island With Unique Landscape

June 9, 2016

Vanuatu sits on the west edge of the Pacific Plate next to the 8,000-meter-deep New Hebrides Trench. This marks the point where the Indo-Australian Plate slips under the Pacific Plate in a classic demonstration of plate tectonics. Its islands are pushed laterally 10 centimeters a year in a northwest direction, accompanied by earthquakes and volcanic […]

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