Croatia Delicious Recipe-Beef Rolls With Bacon

Beef Rolls With Bacon-Croatia famous food 02

The beef rolls with bacon are a dish inspired by Slavonian approach to prepping food. Slavonian love spicy cuisine. Often waging open warfare with your daily calories intake, the specialties of this part of Croatia remind us why we take so much delight in eating, and how exciting is to try new things on the plate. .Here are some tips about making the dish.

Before making the dish,you need to prepare these :4 larger beef chops,Mustard,1 Onion, medium size,Pickles,4 bacon slices,Potatoes as a side-dish and some wine.
Beef Rolls With Bacon-Croatia famous food 01
Thoroughly process the meat with kitchen hammer, salting and peppering the chops from all sides. Cover them with mustard as well. Cut the onion on rings. As for the pickles, they should be cut on thin, small pieces.

On the one side of the chop, align the layer of onion, bacon and pickles. Roll the chop and attach the edges with toothpicks or kitchen wire. Do this to every chop you have. Take a frying pan, pour some oil in it and heat on medium flame. Thermally process the beef rolls with bacon from all the sides, then remove from the pan.

On the same oil you used to make initial roast of the rolls, put some minced onion. Return the meat into the pan and add broth of your choice. Add some more salt and pepper and cook covered for 40 minutes, occasionally putting some more broth once needed. When the meat becomes soft, pour some wine and continue cooking for additional 10 minutes without cover. The alcohol will evaporate, and you will receive your eagerly awaited rolls. Serve them with mashed potatoes or gnocchi.