The Things Must To Do In Sal Island

what should to do in Sal

As the most famous island of of Cape Verde,  the island of Sal, which means salt in Portuguese, has become popular due to its nice sandy beaches. The main town is Santa Maria, where there are restaurants, bars, music and nightlife. Pastel shaded houses and shops line the streets.

1.Go to the beach
Sal is home to some of the best beaches in Cape Verde, and Santa Maria is where you’ll find clean white sands stretching off to the horizon in either direction. Despite its increasing popularity with holidaymakers, the beach remains relatively unspoiled, with minimum development.   what should to do in Sal

2.Have a surfing
The trade winds blow steadily from November to June, making Sal an ideal destination for surfing of all kinds. In particular, you’ll find the place crawling with windsurfers and kiteboarders in January and February, all keen to make the most of the winter breeze. With Surf Zone Cabo Verde you can rent you a board and they provide lessons, while the aptly-named Kite Beach, east of Santa Maria, is where to head to see expert kitesurfers cartwheeling over the waves.what should to do in Sal 03
3.Have a peek underwater at the ‘Blue Eye’
Sal island has some fantastic underwater caves to explore, as well as unbelievably clear reefs. About five kilometres to the north of Palmeira port is Olho Azul, a water inlet that you can peer into and witness an iridescent ‘Blue Eye’ of seawater gazing back at you. what should to do in Sal 04
4.Ride quad bikes across the surface of Mars
At 35 kilometres long by 12 kilometres wide, it’s easy to explore Sal by bike or car, and the dusty interior is out of this world. The parched desert that covers much of the island has been compared to the planet Mars, and there are plenty of options for bumping across it on guided 4×4 tours. what should to do in Sal 02