The Pearl In The East Africa- Cousine Island

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Cousine is the only island in the region where the guest accommodation fits into the conservation based management of the island. Cousine is a private nature reserve for birds and turtles, and there are a few facilities where humans can share this secluded paradise with the protected animals. Cousine is located six kilometres west of Praslin, which is the second largest island in the Seychelles.East Africa island for relax-Cousine island  03
Cousine can be reached by boat or by helicopter, but helicopter is the preferred mode of transportation because it disturbs the protected ecosystem less. Flights can be taken from any heli-stop in the Seychelles. Because of space restrictions on the helicopters, it is recommended that passengers carry only 20 kilograms of soft luggage per person. There are boat transfers from Praslin as well as Mahe, which is the largest island in the country.

One of the reasons Cousine island is considered a secluded island is because only 10 guests may be accommodated on the island at any one time, and it is often the case that visitors have the island to themselves. There are only four individual French Colonial style villas on the island that are just 30 metres from the ocean. There are also approximately 16 staff persons regularly on the island.East Africa island for relax-Cousine island  04
The island is a popular place for weddings and honeymoons. Weddings can be as large or as small as the couple wants and the seclusion creates the perfect atmosphere for being alone together. Wedding guests can arrive from other islands and leave when the party is over, while the happy couple stays on.

The facilities offered are babysitting, business services, and Internet access including wireless connection, swimming pool, barbecue grill, boutique and excellent facilities for disabled guests. The large bedrooms open on to the beach and the bathroom has a Jacuzzi bath and twin vanity and showers.East Africa island for relax-Cousine island
It is considered one of the most ecologically significant private islands in the world by international conservation groups, the four exclusive villas are eco-friendly leaving minimal human impact on the island.