Pemba Island-one Of The Charming Islands Of Zanzibar

Pemba island-relax yourself in Zanzibar 04

When we want to go to the beach to spend holiday, Africa island is a good choice. It is quite and cheap.

While Zanzibar is relatively flat, Pemba‘s hills and escarpments are green and picturesque, coloured by the rich greens of ten types of mangoes and many hundreds of clove trees that have traditionally supported the fortunes of this island of spice. Pemba island-relax yourself in Zanzibar
Although Pemba island is surrounded by a fine coral reef and pristine seas, its shores are also flanked with dense mangrove forests, and the best beaches take a bit of hunting out and getting to. Generally, however, the beaches here are nowhere near as good as Zanzibar’s.  Pemba has remained virtually unknown to the hordes of beach-bound tourists, with just a couple of luxury lodges, and the island is mainly visited by those who come to dive and snorkel its coral reefs and channels. Pemba island-relax yourself in Zanzibar 02
The office here has always been slightly split about what we really think of Pemba. Yes Pemba’s off-shore islands have great beaches, and the diving and snorkelling are unquestionably superb.Pemba island-relax yourself in Zanzibar 03