Must-try Croatian Traditional Recipes: Candied Orange Peel

Croatian recipe for candied orange peel

If you have ever traveled to the south of Croatia, you have probably came across the traditional sweet in this area – candied orange peel. Here, they are called Arancini. Personally, I am addicted to these treats. Well! Today I am very pleased to share with you the must-try croatian traditional food: Candied orange peel here!

Croatian recipe for candied orange peel

Croatian recipe for candied orange peel

To start, you will need – of course – oranges or, to be more accurate, orange peels. I recommend for you to buy organic oranges, the ones for which no pesticides are used.

Slice them into small pieces – maximum 5mm wide and 25mm long. I find this measurement just the right although you can make them wider and longer. Put them in a container and add water. Over the next two days change the water twice a day. If you have mandarins or clementines which are smaller you can keep them in water for just one day. But also change the water once.

And the “D” day has finally come! Let us get started.

Pour out the water and weigh the oranges (you do not need to dry them). Then, prepare the same weight of sugar as oranges. My trick is to put a little bit less sugar. For example, if I have 100 grams of oranges, I put 90 grams of sugar.

Prepare a small bag of vanilla sugar.

Step by step procedure to make candied orange peel:

Step by step procedure to make candied orange peel

Step1. Put the pan or pot on the stove (water evaporates faster if the pan or pot is shallow)

Step 2. Put the oranges, sugar and vanilla sugar in the pan or pot

Step 3. When the pan or pot heats up keep mixing all the ingredients

Step 4. The water will start to evaporate

Step 5. The Arancini (orange peel) are finished when all the water evaporates and the sugar starts crystallizing again

Step 6. Put the orange peel on baking paper and leave it to dry for a day

Step 7. After they dry put them in a container with the lid to prevent them from drying too much over time


This recipe doesn’t only apply to orange peel, but to candied lemon peel as well. Or as we mentioned before, to mandarin, tangerine, or clementine peel as well.

As in southern Croatia, we mostly grow mandarins, clementines, and lemons, we usually prepare candied peel of these three fruits. I personally like the most clementine peel, as the skin is already a bit sweeter than from other citruses.