10 Must-tasted Cuisine in Croatia

Crni Rizot

Wow! Now that come to Croatia on vocation or have a trip, then you must taste some famous yummy local cuisine that you are not waste this time to be there. And below are 10 must-tasted cuisine in Croatia!

1. Crni Rizot

Crni Rizot
This savory dish is Croatia’s version of squid ink risotto. Influenced by neighboring Italy, Croatia’s version of this deep, dark and rich dish is very similar to the Italian version, with chewy and soft arborio rice, tender cuttlefish, squid or octopus, and lots of olive oil, lemon and parsley for garnish. It’s best paired with a glass of red wine to stand up to the rich flavor from the ink.


2. Gridele

One of the best ways to enjoy the seafood from the Adriatic is to get it straight off the gridele. Oily Adriatic fish is simply grilled with olive oil and fresh Mediterranean herbs over the wood from either old grapevines or olive wood, which both impart the region’s deeper flavors.


3. Brodet

Similar to a bouillabaisse, this Croatian fish soup abounds with the flavors of various seafood from the Adriatic. You might find the day’s catch in it — a whitefish like flounder, John Dory or red scorpionfish, plus crab and shrimp. Polenta is often served with the soup.


4. Pasticada

This stewed dish is a Dalmatian specialty of beef seasoned with bacon and a sauce of herbs and vegetables. It is usually served with potatoes or gnocchi, and Swiss chard on the side, but it isn’t uncommon to find it served with mashed potatoes, pasta or rice either.


5. Fritule

Resembling doughnuts, these little fried pastries are a popular sweet in Croatia. They’re flavored with brandy, raisins and citrus zest, and are dusted with powdered sugar when served.


6. Fužis


Truffles are native to the Istria region, and are a luxurious addition to many Croatian dishes, especially pasta dishes like this traditional Istrian pasta with parmigiano cheese.


7. Zganci


Similar to polenta, this Croatian side dish is made from maize, wheat or buckwheat flour. After cooking, it is crumbled on to a plate and served with milk, yogurt or honey, or even the cracklings from bacon.


8. Scampi Buzara

Scampi Buzara
A common dish from the north Adriatic Sea, this is a simple dish to cook, and very messy to eat. Shrimps still in their shell are tossed in a light tomato sauce with shallots, garlic, wine and parsley. Grilled bread is the perfect accompaniment to sop up any leftover sauce.


10. Prsut


Air-cured ham in Croatia is similar to Italian prosciutto. It is eaten as an appetizer or used to enhance other main dishes.