Tinhare -Dreamy Honeymoon Tropical Island

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Tinhare is one of the hottest honeymoon places. Lots of honeymooners choose this tropical island as their getaway. Morro de São Paulo boasts four beaches facing the open sea, with turquoise waters, natural swimming pools, and coral reefs. Inland, you’ll find lush vegetation along with exotic birds and monkeys.

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Tinhare-Romantic honeymoon island 02 There are no cars and few street lights on the island. Once you land you’ll be greeted by locals offering to take your bags by wheelbarrow up the steep uphill trail from the docks to the main village. On the winding path, you’ll see small stores selling native wares, along with little restaurants and bars. After you are settled in your pousada , you can get around like the natives do: by horse, donkey, tractor, or foot.Tinhare-Romantic honeymoon island 03

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