What Souvenir Can We Bring Back From Croatia

Croatia souvenir-Embroidery

When we go travel, we will buy some souvenirs when we back home. Croatia has many original souvenirs because it has ample handicraft tradition. Here are some local souvenirs that you can bring back home.

Pag Lace
Produced only on Pag Island, this intricate lace once decorated the clothes of Empresses and Princesses throughout Europe. The lace is produced using an ordinary mending needle and you can still see older women at work creating it in Pag Town. It is available in more upscale souvenir shops throughout Croatia.Croatia souvenir-Pag Lace
Croatian embroidery reflects the country tortured history. There’s an Ottoman influence in the north and a Venetian influence along the coast. Throughout, the predominant colour is red which symbolizes fertility. Look for table linens, scarfs and aprons decorated with traditional Croatian designs.Croatia souvenir-Embroidery
Samobor Crystal
This little town is known for its incredible crystal. If you’re in Samobor, stop by Crystal Shop to get the best.Croatia souvenir-Samobor Crystal
Croatia is the home of the tie (cravat), a style which was once the rage of Louis XIV‘s court at Versailles. Croatian ties are still beautifully made and sold largely through the Croata shops which have outlets in all major Croatian cities.Croatia souvenir-Ties