Don’t Miss The Top5 Best Shopping Malls In Zagreb

Best shopping mall in Zagreb-Cvjetni center

It is a good time to spnd your holiday in Zagreb. There are many shopping centres you can spend your time to buy your favorite stuffs. From local stores on Ilica Street to large shopping centres all over the city, the choice is abundant in what and where to buy! From luxury shopping, design labels or art stores to small manufacture stores offering local products, you can really shop with whatever amount of money you have.

Arena Centar
It is know as a premium shopping centre in Croatia. Conveniently located in south-western part of Zagreb it’s easily accessible from highway’s south entrance.Best shopping mall in Zagreb-Arena Centar

Avenue Mall
It is one of more popular shopping destinations in Zagreb, easily reachable and with a large number of different stores to satisfy nearly everyone’s need!Best shopping mall in Zagreb- Avenue Mall

Centar Kaptol
It is one of the first shopping centres in Zagreb, just a walk away from the main square. Excellent choice if you are in Zagreb on foot.Best shopping mall in Zagreb-Centar Kaptol

City Centre one
It was the first classic shopping mall in Croatia when it opened its doors in 2006. Since then it got multiple “Best Buy shopping centre” awards.Best shopping mall in Zagreb-City Centre one

Cvjetni center
It raised a lot of disapproval when the building started because a modern architecture was to change the recognisable look of Cvjetni sqare.

Best shopping mall in Zagreb-Cvjetni center