Ischia-A Romantic Island In Itlay

Itlay's romantic island -Ischia 04

Ischia is a little island located in Italy. It’s famous for its beaches and the healing waters of its spas. The town is divided in two: Ischia Porto is the harbor district and commercial center of the island, filled with brightly lit taverns and bars, and Ischia Ponte, the historic quarter, with its ancient castle and its stone streets seemingly frozen in time. Itlay's  romantic island -Ischia 01

Itlay's  romantic island -Ischia 02  The island is easily reached by ferries and hydrofoils from Naples, and every summer Italian families flock to Ischia‘s beaches in their thousands. As well as sandy beaches and blue sea, the island also boasts natural thermal springs, and the spa complexes around these are another major holiday attraction. Itlay's  romantic island -Ischia 03

The hot springs and the island’s natural beauty make Ischia a popular destination for German tourists in particular, and many signs and notices around the island use German as a second language.