Gozo-A Romantic Malta Island For Vacation

Gozo-distintive Malta island 02

Gozo is a island locate in Malta. It contains a number of beaches and small towns as well as some distinctive luxury resorts. Visitors will find a number of opportunities for diving, fishing and other sports on the water. Gozo-distintive Malta island 01

Unique natural features like the Azure Window are worth seeing. Although the island tends to be rural, there are several sightseeing bus tours as well as an effective public transportation system.Gozo-distintive Malta island 03
Part of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo is the second-largest of the seven-island chain and basks in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily. More rural than its sister island, Malta, Gozo has a population of 31,000. Gozo-distintive Malta island 04

Home to some of the oldest religious structures in the world, the fascinating Ggantija temples, the island offers dramatic orange-red sands and perfect snorkeling waters at striking Ramla Bay. Rickety buses ply Gozo’s roads, making getting about the island an exciting component of your trip.