4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera

4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera

Albanian is a country located in Southern Europe. This is a quiet place ,with stunning views,it’s deserve visitors spend their holidays.Because Albanian is coastal ,Riviera is a seashore place,so I’ll tell 4 beautiful beaches in Albanian Riviera.


A new access road takes you from the main road to the beach itself, a glorious stretch of white sand and rock with no development to speak of apart from a Palasa nightclub . Other than that there are just a few cafes, a pizzeria and a couple of informal campsites: perfect for beach bums wanting to avoid crowds, camp alone on the beach and swim in pristine waters. 4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera


Even more remarkable is that tourism has barely touched Borsh, despite its significant community and busy olive-oil production industry – the beach is backed by little more than a few makeshift restaurants and bars. This is inevitably going to change soon, as developers train their sights on the empty lots backing the beach, so come now to enjoy this magical place.4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera


Ksamil has an excellent location. The three small islands in its turquoise bay are an easy swim or boat ride away, and there are always fewer people here than on the busier town beach. This is a big tourism centre for locals, and it can get very crowded in summer, but even then the islands offer some respite. 4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera


The sleepy town of Himara is a well-established stop on the tourist trail. Despite its growth in the past decade it hasn’t lost its charm, although the town beach is now crowded in summer. Instead, head 3km north of the town to Livadhia beach, a wide and long, white stone beach backed by rolling hills and with inviting, clear water for swimming. In the town itself, Potami beach is a good alternative to the main one; you’ll find it just south of the centre, beyond the large rock that cuts the town in two.4 Beautiful Beaches In Albanian Riviera