A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca

 A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca

Majorca is located in Spain,a beautiful seashore place. It amples in the heritage,stunning views. You can see modern and ancient building in this It is a good choice to stay in Majorca. You may interested , so I tell you some place you should go and see.

This striking landmark overlooking the Bay of Palma is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe, and took 500 years to build. Construction began under King James I of Aragon, following his invasion of the island and defeat of its Moorish occupiers in 1229.  It’s also worth visiting the museum, which contains a wonderfully eclectic selection of ecclesiastical artefacts. A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca

The imposing Royal Palace, which was once home to the island’s Moorish rulers and later the Christian Kings of Majorca, combines features of both eras. Around the central courtyard, you will find a series of airy, elegant rooms finely decorated with exotic, historic tapestries and Flemish paintings. A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca

The museum of contemporary art is nestled within a vast stone bastion overlooking the harbour. Large geometric sculptures mark the entrance of the museum, which offers three floors of permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as a lovely shop. One room is exclusively devoted to the works of Joan Miró, who spent much of his working life in Majorca. Another contains many exquisite examples of Picasso ceramics. A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca

There are two city plazas a short walk apart, and each is worth at least a brief visit if you’re in the area. The first, Plaça Major, was once the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. Today, it’s a happy home to cafes, minstrels, and craft stalls. Meanwhile in Plaça Cort, you will find a magnificent City Hall, the swanky Hotel Cortclose, and a glorious, gnarled olive tree believed to be 1,000 years old. A Beatiful Border City In Spain-Majorca