Eating In Croatia-Most Popular Local Food “Peka”

Crotia local food-Peka 02

Croatia has many delicious traditional dishes so do try them all as you travel in Croatia.

If there were a list of the most popular Croatian food, peka,which is also called Cripjna depending on where you live, it would unquestionably be on the list. Peka is not really a food but a method of cooking food.Crotia local food-Peka
The peka is a dome or bell-shaped terracotta or steel lid that you heat, by burning wood below it. Once heated, you place the food you wish to cook in a round shaped tray underneath the peka and put embers on top of the peka itself which then cooks your food. What do you put inside? Well, you can cook any type of meat or fish using the peka. Crotia local food-Peka 02

Recently we prepared an Octopus which was amazing, just remember you always need to have potatoes – I’d go so far as to say that the potatoes are the star of the dish. The potatoes suck up all the juices from the meat or fish and are so delicious you can’t stop eating them. This is Croatian cooking at its best. So simple, yet so delicious. Don’t forget to wash it down with a glass of Croatian wine!