Beef & Potato recipe

Beef & Potato recipe

Sometimes, simple delicacies are just what you need for a great meal. Stews lead the way on this field, as they provide home-cooks with plenty of opportunities for exploration and experimentation. Just think of the flavors and how they will collide in a thick soup, and get those veggies cooking. And in case you like safe paths, our beef & potato stew recipe will surely lead you to a pleasant dining time. Follow the instructions below, and you are in for a fine meal today.

Beef & Potato recipe

What You Will Need

4 Potatoes

3 Carrots (larger size)

400 g Beef Meat

2 Fresh Onions

1 Large Onion

1 Clove of Garlic

1 Spoon of Flour

200 ml cooking broth

1 Spoon of Red Peppers

Some Fat for Frying



Beef & Potato Stew Preparation

First, let’s cut and clean those vegetables. Start with onions and garlic, which should be densely minced. Peel the potato and cut it on small cube-like pieces. The carrot should also be peeled, and cut on circular bits. Remove the veins from the meat, and chop it on small slices, in shape you commonly use when cooking stews.

Heat the fat in a large bowl and fry the meat from all the sides. Then remove the chops, leaving in a dry and warm place. In the same bowl, and without taking the fat out, put onion and wait until it receives golden-looking color. Insert garlic, and once you can sense its pleasant scent, pour the broth in the bowl.

After a while, add minced red peppers and stir vigorously. Next, insert potato chops and remaining onion. Finally, return the meat into the compound for some extra frying and mixing with veggie aromas. Feel free to occasionally pour some more broth. Before serving, add some more chopped onions in Beef & Potato Stew. Serve with smile, and enjoy yourself.

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