Top Places to Drink In Santorini


Yes, It would be watching the sunset if Santorini had a local pastime.  People flock to the island to watch one of nature’s most breathtaking views and here are some of the best bars to watch the show.

Santorini blue dome churches, Greece

With so much choice the hardest part about enjoying a drink in Santorini is making a decision about where to go. But picking a great spot to watch the sunset in advance is pretty crucial.There are number of options to consider and a sunset cruise, complete with cocktail in hand, is one many people go for.

But if you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative then the best place to head for is the town of Oai. This is a picture postcard town with little stone walkways between white washed buildings with bright blue painted roofs. It’s worth coming for a stroll as well as a drink.

Planning ahead

Be warned, however, the narrow streets right before sunset become packed so it is best to find a place to post up perhaps an hour before the sunset and plan on staying for a while.

Here are some good options:

The 1800 restaurant

Has a great roof top terrace to watch the sunset from. It also has an extensive wine list to choose from with both local and international varieties. It all adds up to a beautiful setting and while it is recommended for a drink it is only average for food.

Lioyerma Lounge Cafe Pool Bar

If you want somewhere that is more relaxed and less formal then head to Lioyerma Lounge Cafe Pool Bar. There is a pool that can be used by guests of the bar and the drinks are relatively inexpensive compared to other locations on the island. It is also at the tip of the island so you can watch the sun set into the sea.

Wineries worth a visit

GrapesSantorini is one of the key wine producing regions of Greece and there are a number of wineries on the island that are open for tastings and tours. You can choose to join an organised tour or turn up and ask for one of your own. The official tours can be easier in that you have a designated driver who will make a number of scheduled stops so that you can easily explore many different producers on the island.

Santorini’s best known, and also very good quality wine, is a variety called Assytriko. It is a dry white wine that has great minerality, which comes from the volcanic ash that covers the island.

Here are some wineries to visit:


Gaia Winery’s and tasting room

This has to be one of the most stunning setting for a winery anywhere in the world. Its amazing tasting room opens right onto its own beach where you can enjoy its range of exceptional wines, some of the best on Santorini.

Two of our favourites are the Thalassitis oak-fermented and the Assyrtiko wild ferment. If you get a chance to try either they are highly recommended.


The Santo Winery

This is another winery which offers some exceptional views at it sits high up on the island and therefore allows you to see out to sea. It also overlooks the sheer cliff drops that are such a feature of the island.

The winery has its own wine tasting centre as well as a gourmet shop on site and they are able to ship wines to a variety of countries.

They offer different flights of both red and white wines and it worth trying the Assyrtiko again to see what another producer on the island can make.

Explore local beers

There is also a craft brewery on Santorini called the Crazy Donkey which has a tasting room and is located in the town of Kamari. It does a number of different types of ales and IPAs and a must for any beer buffs as this really is craft by name, craft by nature. Only limited amounts of each beer is produced and are hard to find even on the island. Its stand out beers are its IPA, the first to be made in Greece, Yellow Donkey (Golden Ale), a Red Donkey (Pale Ale) and White Donkey.

Cocktails to close out the night

Santorini also offers a great selection of cocktails bars to check out:


The Sphinx is actually a restaurant, but also has a great outdoor terrace with a bar offering modern twists on all the classics. The bartenders are thought to be some of the best on the island and are more than willing to offer you something a little different and adventurous.

There are two locations, one in Fira and one is Oia. The Fira venue also has spectacular views, whilst Oia is better if you prefer wine over cocktails. It is also situated in a classic old Greek building.

The wines by the glass menu is extensive and offers something for everybody.

Jo Jo Club

If you are looking for of a more club type place that says open late and serves beer and cocktails then look no further than Jo Jo’s which is located in Perivolos on the south side of the island. It attracts a younger and more vibrant crowd but offers a great alternative to some of the more expensive places across the island.