TOP 5 destinations on the Makarska Riviera!

TOP 5 destinations on the Makarska Riviera!

Makarska riviera has been one of the leading destinations in Croatia for years. There are many reasons why: a beautiful coastline, great beaches and all sorts of activities for families and young people looking to have a good time. The small coastal towns are ideal for relaxation, surrounded by the beautiful sea from one side and the impressive mountain of Biokovo on the other side.

You can’t go wrong when choosing a destination on the Makarska riviera, here are the 5 most popular choices:

1. Baska Voda – a fishing town with a long tourist tradition, has all the necessary contents for a perfect holiday in Croatia.

2. Brela – the town with one of the most famous beaches in Croatia – Punta Rat. Do not miss to visit this beach.

3. Podgora – a charming town on the riviera, the town has a very nice little marina and is ideal for sailors.

4. Makarska – the center of the riviera, a city with great beaches, fabulous restaurants, fun bars and great night life..

5. Tucepi – located next to Makarska, this little town offers great beaches and lots of amusement for it’s visitors.