7 romantic places on the Adria

7 romantic places on the Adria

Some destinations are romantic in themselves – something is in the air, something mystical and wonderful. The Mediterranean is one of the most romantic places in Europe. On the beaches of the Mediterranean love stories are developing today equally as in the past days.
The Adriatic coast in Croatia, which is an integral part of the Mediterranean, as if it emerged from the pages of a romance novel – crystal clear sea, endless pine forests, unique stone beaches, shining sun, healthy and tasty food, small towns which maintain the spirit of long past times…
For Valentine’s Day, we are presenting you 7 places for romance on the Adriatic!

Dubrovnik – Truly the best example of blend of new old and new. Near the palace, narrow, stoney streets and the elegant churches we can find modern coffee bars, shops and restaurants. Do not miss to take a walk on the city walls, which are among the oldest and best preserved ones in the world. You can spend the afternoons on the balcony and that way enjoy the wonderful view offered by this pearl of Adriatic.

Korčula – Thanks to the undiscovered beaches, the reach history with many monuments and the relaxed atmosphere, Korčula is an unforgettable island full of charm. Besides visiting the small towns Korčula and Blato, you should take a walk through the dense pine forests after which the island got its name and make sure to buy the famous olive oil from Korčula.

Vis – From the moment you step on Vis, you have the feeling that you traveled back in time. Vis, the furthest inhabited island in the Adriatic, kept many traditions of the old Mediterranean. Besides the perfectly preserved small medieval towns, such us Vis and Komiža remains of ancient Greek and Roman culture are easy to find, as well as those from the more recent past. Be sure to visit also some of the hidden beaches of Vis, like Stinive, and feel the Adriatic as it once was.

Central Istria – Can be called a magical place like in fairytale. The colorful villages leave their visitors breathless already for centuries. The ancient squares, the elegant small houses and stoney streets are creating a romantic atmosphere which is hard to find anywhere else. Do not forget to try the excellent local food and the legendary honey brandy.

Zadar – Every sunset is unique – each creates its own flame of fabulous colors – deep orange, soft pink, intense purple, bright yellow. These are the colors that best represent the first moment of falling in love, this eternal mystery of life. The most beautiful sunset on the Adriatic is the one in Zadar – it inspired many poets and artists and facilitated the birth of many love stories. The modern art installation “Greeting to the Sun” perfectly illustrates this phenomenon. Do not miss to take a walk through the old town and to visit the famous Gothic and Romanesque churches.

Opatija – Imagine this scene: Opatija. Late afternoon. The entire town smells like flowers. The sun is like gold dust that drizzles down the parks and streets. Is there anything more romantic than a walk in the park, surrounded by roses and Mediterranean herbs? Opatija still keeps the high standards that were established in the time of the Austrian Empire – numerous, perfectly landscaped gardens, top accommodation and long promenades. Visit also the most famous inhabitant of Opatija, the statue of the Girl with the seagull, which is situated on the Lungomare promenade.

Pelješac – Wine is bottled poetry, mixed with sunlight and water. Every romantic diner begins and ends with wine. Pelješac is the Adriatic capital of quality wine. The tours through the vineyards Dingač and Postup, and the wine tasting in their cellars is certainly the absolute dream of many fans of this noble nectar. However, Pelješac offers much more. There are also the old salt mines, city walls and unspoiled nature, including many beaches. Pelješac is the place where everything you need for a pleasant holiday awaits you: good company, quality wine and a warm welcome!