Striking Hotel For Holidays-St Joseph’s Hotel

Striking Hotel For Holidays-St Joseph's Hotel

This is a stylish hotel in a peaceful side street of the medieval Old Town-St Joseph’s hotel.

St Joseph’s is owned by a charming family who are originally from the region but have spent 2 decades living in London. This means that while they can provide a wealth of local insight into Croatian history and culture, they’re also very sensitive to the expectations of British visitors. They purchased this 16th-century building in derelict condition, and undertook an intense 2-year restoration, assisted by conservation experts.Striking Hotel For Holidays-St Joseph's Hotel

The result is an impeccable example of Dubrovnik architecture from the Baroque period, with beautifully carved stonework and beamed ceilings. And before they opened in summer 2014, they added a few discreet details, such as a coat of arms, to enhance the aristocratic demeanour.Striking Hotel For Holidays-St Joseph's Hotel

Inside, the furnishing is as dignified as the building, and the service highly personalised – but the atmosphere remains relaxed and welcoming, and never pretentious. This is a place to unwind and reassess the simple pleasures of life – elegant architecture, a car-free Old Town, the glistening blue Adriatic and a balmy Mediterranean climate. Striking Hotel For Holidays-St Joseph's Hotel