See The World Through Your Eyes – Stunning Manaus

Located in northwest of Brazil, Manaus ample in sights and sounds for every traveler who possesses the courage to discover the secrets of the city.Here are some guides tell you what must do and see in this beautiful seaside city.

fotógrafo Gideão Soares
fotógrafo Gideão Soares

Built in the twentieth century by Waldemar Scholz, this elegant palace was the governor’s residence for many years. Presently, the Palácio operates as a museum and a cultural center which displays enthralling exhibitions of antique art and furniture, and presents monthly showcases of the work of local artists.
Ten kilometers away from Manaus by boat, the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões rivers come together to form the intriguing Amazon River in Brazil. At the meeting of the waters, known to locals as encontro das aguas, the acid, black waters from the Rio Negro and the alkaline waters from the Solimões meet, creating a magnificent and unique lakeside spectacle of color, a sight definitely worth seeing when you’re in Manaus.56-4001377-144701064676ad370366cc45788afb6549d82c2713
You’ll travel through the mysterious and verdant jungle for an hour before you arrive at the spectacular, glassy and cascading water, a perfect spot in which to swim and splash around during a balmy Brazilian afternoon. There’s also the opporunity to partake in some rafting, if you dare.
Manaus is brimming with street markets which foodies will fall in love with instantly. Ice cold coconut juice and caipirinhas, fresh fruit, take-away BBQ plates and traditional cuisine to eat on the go combine perfectly with the live entertainment that you’ll enjoy as you walk down the harbor. See The World Through Your Eyes - Stunning Manaus
This is the fancy South America city, as you’ll soon realize from the elegant condo towers and modern buildings and hotels dotting the landscape. A stretch of sand enjoyed by locals and tourists all year round, the shore here was transformed into an artificial beach a couple of years ago, and provides a perfect place to bask in the glorious rays of Manaus. It is one of the most popular spots in the area, and is situated 13 kilometers from downtown.