How to go skiing without spending too much?

How to go skiing without spending too much?

A ski trip in 2013 seems like a
financial “mission impossible”? After holiday splurges
behind us our budgets are pretty limited. However, this doesn’t mean
that you cannot have a perfectly organized winter holiday. We will give you a couple of tips on how to get the most out
of your ski trip in 2013 on a small budget.

Choose the best dates! As the ski
season is coming to its end you are more likely to find convenient
offers, interesting packages and overall lower cost accommodation and
services. But be careful so you don’t get caught in bad weather when
on the slopes. Choose those resorts that are on higher altitudes to
make sure you have enough snow to demonstrate your skiing skills.

Another smart move is to research the
less known destinations. Countries that aren’t your first association
when thinking about skiing and less prestigious ski resorts are more
likely to have lower prices of everything, including accommodation
and additional offer. But you must do good research on your potential
destination so you end up with a good price-quality ratio and not
with a relatively cheap vacation of a really poor quality.

As far as your
trip goes, check the prices of vignettes and tolls on
highways. Ask around if there are roads free of charge which will
take you to your destination comfortably and quickly. If you’re
looking for low cost plane tickets find out the prices of transfer to
your destination so you don’t end up with unplanned holes in your

The skiing equipment is
another large expense, so if you already have yours, you are already
ahead. If you don’t have everything necessary, make sure to book it
early on the internet so as to catch a good discount.

And as for the
accommodation to call home during your holidays, you can find it in
our vast offer. Whether you prefer houses or apartments, idyllic
mountain villages or modern resorts, find a conveniently priced
accommodation in France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Poland,
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