Africa Vacation Paradise- Rich And Alive Mauritius

Africa Vacation Paradise- Rich And Alive Mauritius

Mauritius is arguably Africa’s wealthiest destination, a tropical paradise with tons to do. Mauritius is rightly famed for its sapphire waters, powder-white beaches and luxury resorts. But there’s so much more to Mauritius than the beach when it comes to attractions. There’s bird-watching and hiking in the forested and mountainous interior or world-class diving and snorkelling.

Ultimately, Mauritius is the kind of place that rewards even the smallest attempts at exploration. So, if your biggest discovery is the beach butler service at your hotel, then you’ll need to plan a second visit!

Central Market
Get an early start to your day in Port Louis at the central bazaar, the local market where you can find a variety of food, merchandise, spices, and souvenirs from local merchants at great prices. You’ll see a mix of Creole, Muslim and Chinese merchants selling and buying all manner of goods here, and the ethnic mix of Port Louis is also reflected in the food. Africa Vacation Paradise- Rich And Alive Mauritius

Caudan Waterfron
Caudan Waterfront where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the water, observe the work of local artists, explore the variety of shopping opportunities, and eat! It’s also a good idea to investigate the evening entertainment options on offer while you’re here: There isn’t much open around Port Louis at night, but the fun always continues at Caudan, where there are cafes, pubs, cinema, games for kids, and sometimes live music right by the water.Africa Vacation Paradise- Rich And Alive Mauritius

Escale Creole
If you’re craving delicious, authentic Creole food, then pop over to Moka Village — just under a 10-minute drive from Port Louis — and stop by this family-owned garden restaurant, run by Marie-Christine and Majo. Their warm hospitality and passion for hosting is the product of Marie-Christine’s dream to open a restaurant since she was 12 years old. The dishes are made from fresh and local ingredients, many of which are from their own garden, and prepared just as they would be in a typical Mauritian home. Rice forms the base of the meals, and common traditional dishes include salted fish and chutney de coco. You will probably fall in love with the hosts as much as the food.Africa Vacation Paradise- Rich And Alive Mauritius