A Mysterious Island Tour-Easter Island

Easter Island travel guide 03

Easter Island is a place which attract a lot visitors from all over the world.It famous for it beautiful views. All fluent in English, our guides also all have academic backgrounds related to the island, and are all year-round island residents.

The Moai of Easter Island
classic Easter Island tour, covering the entire coastal road of the island, and taking in some of its most majestic sites.  Unlike other tour companies, we take you around the island in a clockwise direction, giving optimal light conditions at Rano Raraku and Ahu Tongariki in the afternoon.  In order to maximize the time touring, a local restaurant delivers a cooked picnic lunch  to us at the far side of the island.  Highly recommended for your first full day on the island.  Easter Island travel guide 03
Island Interior and the Birdman Cult
This culturally-fascinating tour covers the inland trail as well as the dramatic Southwest corner of the island.  See how the landscape changes as you leave the coast, including a visit to the largest inland platform, Ahu Akivi.  The tour culminates at the spectacular extinct crater of Rano Kau, and the former ceremonial village of Orongo – site of the Birdman Competition.Easter Island travel guide 01

Untouched North Coast
The island’s most dramatic hike, from the western edge of Maunga Terevaka around the North Coast to Anakena beach.  Approximately 11kms in length, this walk follows the only part of the island coastline with no vehicle access, meaning that little has changed here in the last 200 years.  Spectacular scenery, extensive archaeological remains, caves, petroglyphs and no one else around.Easter Island travel guide 04
Rano Kau Crater
A spectacular hike along the eastern rim of the Rano Kau crater, leading to Vai Atare and an unbeatable view of the offshore islets.  This walk gives a much more complete experience of the island’s most impressive natural wonder, as well as views over the cliffs that are no longer visible from Orongo  due to recent safety measures.  Easter Island travel guide 02