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Around this time of year, I start daydreaming of getaways and nothing gets me as excited about the warmer weather as FESTIVALS! Sports, music, culture, food, Croatia has an abundance of festivals to keep you coming back year after year. My personal favorites are the Spring and Summer music festivals that start in late April and don’t stop until the first Autumn breeze has arrived. You can find a Croatian music festival to suit every taste from jazz, electronic, classical and indie rock (check out InMusic, the largest open-air festival held in Zagreb).

The only thing that parallels my excitement for actually going to the festival is deciding what to wear and what to bring!

Croatia Music Festival Essentials | Chasing the Donkey Croatia Travel Blog

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10 Croatia Music Festival Essentials: What to Bring!

A Convertible Bucket Bag

It’s in the bag, literally, with this beautiful leather bucket bag with convertible backpack straps. An incredibly durable lightweight option that has enough space to carry all of your festival going essentials while keeping you stylish. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen at festivals is the “teeny weeny” bag – don’t do it! As cute as it is to have your Kway tied around your waist you don’t want to be bogged down by carrying *all* off your stuff including your water bottle, cell phone, sunscreen and everything else you’ll gather throughout the day.

This handcrafted, full-grain boot leather beauty has a 100 year guarantee and is available in 4 colors! Keep in on your arm when you find yourself in big crowds to keep your possessions in sight or wear it on your back when you’re roaming through the festival.

Saddleback bucket backpack

Check for more like it here!


WaterProof Blanket

Now that we’ve got your storage covered, let’s move on to filling that that bag! If you really want to enjoy yourself then trust me, you’ll want to bring a waterproof blanket! Nothing ruins a festival experience more than sitting on the soggy ground when you’re tired of dancing and your feet need a rest.

My favorite brand for picnic and camping blankets is the stylish MIU COLOR. Their waterproof and sand proof backing with a soft fabric upper is perfect for opening on a sunny day and catching some rays while you’re waiting for the next band to start. Don’t fear the pebble beaches in Croatia either, these blankets have a soft sponge layer for maximum comfort without being bulky. When closed, this folds to a mere 2.5 inches in height and opens to a spacious 4′ 9″ x 6′ 7″, perfect for you and your best friend forever!


Miu Color Blanket


Quality Sunnies

One of the hottest trends in festival going attire are round sunglasses. Every major brand from Celine, Miu Miu, Dior and Prada have embraced the round sunglasses trend that just screams Sonus (the largest underground music festival in Europe held on Pag Island in August), but any quality pair will do so long as you look good.

Be original by choosing a cult-brand, I love these by Linda Farrow for a designer look is unique and sure to be noticed.

Linda Farrow


A Foldable Hat

The glorious sun-filled days of the Croatian spring and summer are best enjoyed protected! A lightweight straw fedora will keep you fresh and cool, protecting your face from harmful rays while giving you an elusively cool vibe. If you aren’t quite ready to invest in an original Monte Cristi Fedora from Ecuador check out this great alternative, the slightly oversized Maitose UV protective straw hat! Did I mention it is FOLDABLE, no need to carry it after the sun’s gone down, just put it in your bucket bag and keep your hands free!



A Light Jacket

Let’s talk about the elements for a moment. You’re in Croatia, the sun is shining, the music is playing, your enjoying good food, good company, and the beautiful scenery and then the clouds open up! You run for cover but there is nowhere to hide and you didn’t bring an umbrella!

The Mediterranean in the Spring and Summer is known for short bursts of rain followed by the sunshine. If you’re on the coast prepare for breezes and chilly summer nights so why not bring the perfect double duty windbreaker along.

An extra-light wind and waterproof jacket, like this one from Charles River Apparel, adds literally no weight to your bag and folds down to incredibly small size. Its silky soft fabric is comfortable even on bare skin and this design features lots of pockets and a tuck away hood.



Cool Slip-Ons

While we’re on the topic of double duty fashion, I LOVE these waterproof slip-on loafers! You would never believe that these shoes were designed for hiking and boating, we’re talking fashion and functionality perfectly merged into a festival must-have!

The slip-on loafer trend completely took over last spring and is here to stay! Just as comfortable as a running shoe, but much more trendy, these genuine leather shoes with platform rubber sole will be the envy of your friends.

waterproof loafers

Plus we have a load of other suggestions here – after all if your feet hurt, how can you dance all day and night?

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly. .

Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel Comparison Chart
Travel Flats Read Reviews Weight Color Options Upper Material Sole Material Price
Clarks Helina Alessia Flat 5oz Yes Leather Rubber
Bloch London Ballet Flat 2lb Yes Leather Synthetic
Clarks Film Mary Jane Flat 2lb Yes Leather Rubber
Geox D Avery Penny Loafer 7oz Yes Leather Rubber
Ahnu Karma Flat 1lb No Leather Rubber
The Flexx Bon Gout Flat 2lb Yes Leather Synthetic
French Sole Passport Flat 1.5lb Yes Leather Leather
Sam Edelman Felicia Flat 15oz Yes Suede Synthetic
Yosi Samra Samara Flat 15oz Yes Leather Leather & Rubber
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flat 1.5lb Yes Leather Leather
Gentle Souls Bay Unique Flat 2lb No Leather Leather
Born – Reija 7oz No Leather Leather
Born – Catrina 7oz No Leather Leather
Born – Jakarta 7oz Yes Leather Rubber
Born Karmina Flat Shoe 5oz Yes Leather Rubber
Kate Spade Willa Flat 1.4lb Yes Leather Rubber


Festival Worthy Accessories

Dawn a beautiful artisan Craaloosh necklace, handmade in Croatia by Vesna Vurušić Pećanić. Her modern designs incorporate traditional handicraft and each piece takes about 40 hours to make from thousands of glass beads. The perfect folk accent to any festival look.




A Mobile Charger

Nothing. And I mean NOTHING, can ruin your festival day like when your cell phone dies. You’ll be hard pressed finding a place to charge your phone or tablet while in the throws of a festival and you just know it will die right before your favorite band is about to start.

The EasyAcc Monster is incredible value for your money, its high capacity charge can revamp your iphone6 seven and a half times, or even an iPad Mini 2 times! Compatible with most iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Android phones and tablets this unique battery can charge up to four devices simultaneously and in half the time.

And since you know I love double duty, this charger also has a built-in flashlight so you can find your way back to the car after the festival is over!

Schermata 2016-01-31 a 09.39.04


A Stylish Waterbottle

You know the scene, you’re having a great time but you’re also hot and thirsty! The only issue is the hour long line up for a bottle of water! Save yourself some trouble and the environment a few plastic bottles with this chic and stylish water bottle designed by Mara Hoffman for S’Well. BPA-free and guaranteed to keep your beverages cold for 24 hours and your carbonated drinks bubbly, you can refill this throughout the day to stay hydrated.

mara hoffman waterbottle

The Perfect Festival Look

I love the way a light cotton and crochet top paired with jean shorts looks on a summer day, but no occasion is more fitting than a music festival. This beautiful 3/4 length sleeve, off the shoulder top is light and breezy and gives some protection from the sun. Wear your bikini underneath for an impromptu dip….you are in Croatia after all!


Crochet Top


Cross BodyBag

Security is the main subject here because your bag is very unlikely to be snatched from your back or shoulder when it is sat on your hip and secured to your body by a long strap. Aside from this, your hands are totally free, so you don’t have to feel burdened when you’re trying to explore a new place. If you’re traveling with your hands free also means that you can carry a larger carry on cabin bag, or pull your suitcase behind you, without feeling weighed down.

2017 Crossbody Bag Comparison Chart

We took a look at what crossbody travel bag is best and compared the features & price and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide what crossbody purse will suit you best.

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

Best Crossbody Bag Comparison Chart
Bag Pic Crossbody Purse Weight Strap Length Material Cost Security Features

<img class="alignnone wp-image-26367" src="/images/201706/Baggallini-Cross-Body-Bag-1.jpg" alt="Baggallini Crossbody Bag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 274px) 100vw

274px”/> Baggallini Crossbody Purse 1.2lb Adjustable Nylon waterproof Key fob and whistle included
<img class="alignnone wp-image-26359" src="/images/201706/susu-lee-cross-body-bag.jpg" alt="susu lee crossbody bag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 309px) 100vw 309px”/> SUSU The Lee 1.8lb Adjustable Leather None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26378" src="/images/201706/Baggallini-Horizon-Cross-Body-Bag.jpg" alt="Baggallini Horizon Crossbody Bag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 213px) 100vw 213px”/> Baggallini Horizon Crossbody Bag 14.9oz 52” adjustable Nylon waterproof Antithelft internal pockets

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26377" src="/images/201706/Fossil-Emma-NS-Cross-Body-Purse.jpg" alt="Fossil Emma N:S Crossbody Purse" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 230px) 100vw 230px”/> Fossil Emma N/S Crossbody Purse 1.1lb 24” adjustable PVC / waterproof None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26376" src="/images/201706/Fossil-Emi-Saddle-Bag.jpg" alt="Fossil Emi Saddle Bag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 245px) 100vw 245px”/> Fossil Emi Saddle Bag 1.2lb 25” adjustable Leather None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26375" src="/images/201706/Vera-Bradley-Triple-Zip-Hipster-Cross-Body-Purse.jpg" alt="Vera Bradley Triple-Zip Hipster Crossbody Purse" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 197px) 100vw 197px”/> Vera Bradley Triple-Zip Hipster Crossbody Purse 4oz 53” adjustable Cotton None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26374" src="/images/201706/Pacsafe-Citysafe-LS200-Anti-Theft-Handbag-.jpg" alt="Pacsafe Citysafe LS200 Anti-Theft Handbag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 213px) 100vw 213px”/> Pacsafe Citysafe LS200 Anti-Theft Handbag 22oz 30” adjustable Polyester Slash-resistant straps – splash guards -RFID blocking pockets

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26373" src="/images/201706/Travelon-Anti-Theft-Cross-Body-Purse.jpg" alt="Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Purse" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 233px) 100vw 233px”/> Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Purse 1lb 28” adjustable Polyester Slash-resistant straps – splash guards – RFID blocking pockets

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”>Pacsafe Metrosafe 250 G11 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag Pacsafe Metrosafe 250 G11 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag 1.3lb 30” adjustable Ripstop nylon Slash-resistant straps – splash guards – RFID blocking pockets

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26368" src="/images/201706/The-Sak-Iris-Cross-Body-Purse.jpg" alt="The Sak Iris Crossbody Purse" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 230px) 100vw 230px”/> The Sak Iris Crossbody Purse 2.1 Adjustable Leather None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26369" src="/images/201706/Heshe-Women’s-Leather-Vintage-Shoulder-Handbag-.jpg" alt="Heshe Women’s Leather Vintage Shoulder Handbag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 236px) 100vw 236px”/> Heshe Women’s Leather Vintage Shoulder Handbag 3lb 45” adjustable Leather None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26370" src="/images/201706/Roma-Genuine-Leather-Multi-Pocket-Cross-Body-Purse-.jpg" alt="Roma Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 227px) 100vw 227px”/> Roma Genuine Leather Multi-Pocket Crossbody Purse 10.4oz 27” adjustable Leather None

sans-serif; font-size: medium;”><img class="alignnone wp-image-26371" src="/images/201706/Travelon-Anti-Theft-Messenger-Bag-.jpg" alt="Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag" width="100%" height="100%" sizes="(max-width: 243px) 100vw 243px”/> Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag 14.4oz Adjustable Fabric Slash-resistant straps – splash guards -RFID blocking pockets

I just inspired myself to start planning my summer getaways and I hope this round-up of festival essentials has been useful to you. I’m Angie, Canadian expat currently working in fashion and living in Italy, feel free to check out my personal style blog REASONS TO DRESS for Mediterranean worthy outfits!

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