Top 9 destinations for American travelers in 2013

If you’re looking for the latest travel hot-spots, check out the top picks from US readers on From Europe to Asia, the Americas, and Australia, here are the most popular overseas destinations for US travelers:

Netherlands1. Netherlands

No larger than the US state of Maryland, the Netherlands is a surprisingly diverse country for its size. Its capital, Amsterdam, is a compact and instantly likeable city that’s easy on the eye and the quaint little villages are often unchanged with gabled houses and church spires. Explore the Netherlands >

View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No 12. Tokyo

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is one huge contradiction: it’s an adrenaline rush of neon lights and futuristic technologies and fashion, alongside a proud and prominent heritage, celebrated in various festivals, temples and shrines in each neighbourhood. Tokyo is a seductive and addictive place. Explore Tokyo >

Rua Augusta, Lisbon, Portugal3. Portugal

Portugal is a charming place, from the sandy beaches of the Algarve to the spectacular scenery in the mountains and the idiosyncratic cities of Lisbon and Porto. Medieval villages, walled towns and glorious monuments are scattered across this small European destination. Explore Portugal >

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin4. Germany

One of the greatest powers in Europe, Germany remains far less well known by outsiders than some of its neighbours, but it’s not one you should miss. The capital, Berlin, is a metropolis on fast-forward with excellent nightlife, and numerous historical towns and cities are dotted throughout the country. Explore Germany >

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Game of Thrones locations5. Croatia

Fashionable Croatia still doesn’t feel worked over by tourism, despite being one of the most popular destinations in Europe. There’s incredible locally sourced Croatian cuisine, fun and nice festivals and surprisingly excellent wines. Explore Croatia >

A tropical beach near Drake Bay along the trail to Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica6. Costa Rica

From rainforests and beaches to volcanoes and mangrove swamps, Costa Rica is a playground for the wildlife and nature lover in you. With its reputation for peace (the army was abolished in 1948) and the idyllic coastal resorts, Costa Rica is a sure stop for some relaxation. Explore Costa Rica >

Orchha, India7. India

Often said to be a continent, not just a country, India is one huge culture shock in the best way possible. There’s the green fields of Kerala, the heights of the Himalayas and the barren sands of the Thar desert – not forgetting the chaos of its sprawling cities. Explore India > 

8. Egypt

Egypt is the oldest tourist destination in the world and while there are current safety concerns, millions of people still flock to this north African country to see the pyramids and prehistoric rock art – not to mention the stunning Red Sea coast. Explore Egypt >

9. New Zealand

Consistently New Zealand appears in a traveler’s top ten destinations list and it’s no exception in this one. With craggy coastlines, sweeping beaches, primeval forests, snowcapped mountains and impressive geysers, the scenery is truly varied and incredibly beautiful. Visit New Zealand >


And one more for luck…

Mirissa, Sri Lanka10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka packs an extraordinary variety of places to visit within its modest physical dimensions: its coast is fringed by idyllic beaches while the interior boasts jungles teeming with wildlife and hill country swathed in tea plantations. Explore Sri Lanka >


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