Top 9 articles for American readers in 2013

What inspires you to travel? Whether you’re looking to save the world (one eco-lodge at a time), add new destinations to your travel bucket list, or just taste the finest Belgian beers, check out this rundown of our most inspiring ideas for US travelers on

Belgian beers1. Top 20 Belgian beers

Beer is big business for the Belgians and they take their brewing very seriously. Take your drinking seriously and check out this list of the top 20 Belgian beers >

Hike China’s Great Wall, Travel bucket list

2. Travel bucket list

As morbid as it might be, everyone has a bucket list. Whether it’s a subconscious list of things we want to do before we die, or an open effort to tackle our desires, we’ve all got ambitions and goals to complete. If you’re looking for inspiration, take some of these suggestions from our pro bucket list compiled by Rough Guides travel experts >

Hayley Spurway's children on a ferry3. 20 tips for travelling with children

The thought of travelling with children is a stressful one for any parent, but there are some simple ways to make it easier for everyone. Don’t let the kids bring fossils and do invest in the right technology. Make your child-travel stress-free by using our tips on travelling with children >

Tortuguero Lodge on the border of Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast, an area of rare biodiversity.4. 10 best eco-lodges in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been at the forefront of green tourism movement for many years now, so help save the world and do your bit with our list of the best eco lodges in Costa Rica >

Penis cafe, Turrisi, Taormina, Sicily, Italy5. A phallic journey: Italy’s penis cafe

No, this is no joke – there really is a cafe in Italy full of phallic symbols. From the tables and chairs, lampshades and candleholders, to the menu where you can order various cocktails (excuse the pun) and bruschetta, Turrisi is Italy’s penis cafe >

Ferris Wheel, Chernobyl, Russia, Ukraine6. Visiting Chernobyl

Abandoned for 20 years after nuclear disaster struck, Chernobyl is a striking reminder of engineering-gone-wrong and the tragedy that followed. Nowadays, in the confines of the exclusion zone, you can explore Chernobyl (at your own risk) >

View of cream cheese and lox in a plain bagel from Murray Bagels on 8th Avenue in New York, NY, United States7. The world’s best food

Meze in the Middle East, bagels in New York and good old British fish & chips. Find out where to eat the best foods in the world >

THE THAR DESERT, INDIA8. India: 10 tips for first-time travelers

If there’s a bigger culture shock than touching down in Delhi and jumping in a cab onto the congested streets of this Indian capital then we’ve never heard of it. India is a challenge to even the most seasoned of travelers, so check out our tips on first time travel in India >

Watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA - Sunrise gallery9. Ten tips for surviving solo travel

The daunting prospect of solo travel often puts many off – so we’ve compiled the essential must-knows for those considering embarking on a solitary adventure. We’re encouraging you to sleep around and play the oddball to make the most of your time travelling solo >

And one more for good luck (as we couldn’t resist this stunning photo)…

Zlani Rat, Golden Cape, Brac Island, Croatia10. Top 10 Croatian island getaways

Whether it’s a sand castle you want to build, a kite you want to fly or music festivals you want to dance endlessly at, Croatian islands have it all. There’s so many of them it’s hard to choose, so here are our 10 favourite Croatian islands >

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Sancerre, Loire valley, FranceFrance >

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Best street food >

Sri Lanka, Friendliest countries

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