Top 4 Must-Taste Food Trucks In Portland

Hash It Out Portland, Oregon Truck

Well! As  we all known, Portland is known for its eclectic food scene. You’ll find lines out the door of upscale French restaurants and even longer wait times at tiny donut shops. But one of the best ways to get a taste of the Rose City is to hit the plethora of food trucks. You’ll avoid the lines, save time, enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces and still get a taste of the best food Portland has to offer. And here also are four must-taste food trucks with something for everyone.

Hash It Out Portland, Oregon Truck

1. MF Tasty

It’s easy to forget that the size of the kitchen means very little when it comes to big flavor. Out of this tiny truck comes some of the most flavor-packed food I’ve ever had in my life. Billed as “Southwest inspired. Portland made,” you can find all the spice you’d expect to find in Southwestern cuisine but made with the finest local ingredients the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

MF Tasty Portland, Oregon

2. Hash it out

Run by two of the most personable ladies you’ll ever meet, both their comfort food and conversation will be sure to knock away your morning grogginess. Piled high sandwiches and perfectly prepared breakfast hash should make this truck at the top of your list to start your day in Portland.

Hash It Out Portland, Oregon

3. Botto BBQ

Tucked away between a Crossfit gym and a paint supply store in the northwest part of the city, at Botto BBQ you’ll find some authentic barbecue. Coming from Texas I thought all hope was lost when it came to finding authentic BBQ in the land of granola and farm-to- table restaurants. But Botto has restored my faith in humanity. Pulled pork, melt-in-your- mouth brisket, and beef ribs the size of your head; this truck is a must for any Southern transplants. Be warned, it can be a little hard to find but let the smell of smoked meats be your guide.

Botto BBQ Portland, Oregon

4. Wolf and Bears

For the vegetarians out there this is the truck for you. With three locations spread throughout the city you’re bound to be close to one of them. Wolf and Bears features soup, salads and wraps all with a Middle Eastern twist. I’d recommend the Gorg salad which comes covered in bleu cheese and the Olea wrap which is highlighted by a homemade kalamata tapenade spread.

Wolf and Bears Portland, Oregon