Time for Some Serious Cooking!

Dobra Hrana

The November in Croatia offers some great opportunities for learning a trick or two for your aspiring cooking career. Powered by City Center shopping malls of Croatia, a true highlight of the country’s gastronomic gathering comes in the form of an event called Tjedan Dobre Hrane (The Week of Good Food).

Visitors will be able to try some great looking-delicacies, both those traditionally associated with Croatian lands and those of international origin. Spices and exotic ingredients will become available in shops of City Center, so if you ever wanted to make a dish, but lacked a very rare piece of recipe, your excuses will vanish with one visit to a store.

The event will also allow you to meet small food-production firms, which boast organic farming and ecologically-friendly attitude towards nature. Naturally, their products will be on sale as well. In addition, cooking enthusiasts will be introduced to Croatia’s leading chef names, including Branko Ognjenovic, Mario Capek and Kristijan Misirache. What kind of culinary secrets will they share? It will be revealed during the event.

This celebration of fine cooking will be organized in three malls, according to the following schedule: In Zagreb, City Center East (Slavonska Avenija 11d) will host the event on November 8th and 9th. In City Center West, located on Jankomir 33, people will enjoy The Week on November 15th and 16th. Dalmatians will join the party on November 22nd and 23rd in City Center Split, which can be visited on address Vukovarska 207.

However, the Week of Good Food is only a sub-event of a much larger project, an influential and gastronomically valuable festivity called Dobri Restorani (Good Restaurants). It occurs between 10th and 14th of November and gathers the crème of Croatian diners, which will offer their specially designed daily menus for a low price of 100 HRK / 13.50 €. Learn more about this event here.

With all things said, we conclude we’ll have a tasty November in Croatia.