Things to do in Trogir Croatia For The Day

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog

Written by Tara Lonergan a (USA-born) Zadar local who loves to write and has a passion for photography.

Trogir, located between Zadar and Split, is the perfect place to plan a day trip this spring or summer. With it not being as popular of a town as its neighbours, you won’t be surrounded by as many tourists and get to enjoy the atmosphere as the locals do. If you are a lover of photography, or just after that perfect Instagram photo, Trogir is an ideal location to explore.

Everywhere you look there is beautiful architecture, stunning sea views, and palm trees. Trogir’s Old Town was voted best city-island in the world by National Geographic in 2015, so it is not a place you want to miss!

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Palm Trees

Things to do in Trogir Croatia For The Day

Kamerlango Castle

At the tip of the town is Kamerlango Castle. It is relatively small in the sense of castles, but it is beautifully built and accessible to the public. For a fair price (prices may vary from spring to summer), you can enter the castle and climb the walls to enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding marina and town. Inside the walls is a large open space where the town holds concerts or other events throughout the year.


Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Castle

As you continue to walk through the small but charming alleyways of the town, you will reach The Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

The Cathedral of St. Lawrence

This Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church that was constructed in the Romanesque-Gothic style which is can also be found in other parts Dalmatia. UNESCO listed, as well as the whole town, in 1997 as a world heritage site because of its Venetian architecture. Just like the castle, it is open to the public. For 25 kunas or 3.5 euros, you are able to visit the inside of the church and also climb to the top of the bell tower.



If you aren’t afraid of heights, then the climb to the top of the tower is definitely worth your while. There are two levels, the first being the top of the building where you get a view of a stained glass window and the courtyard surrounding the cathedral. As you continue up and reach the top level you get a breathtaking 360-degree view of the entire town. With the mountains on one side and bright blue water on your other, you will be blown away with Trogir’s natural beauty.

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Cathedral

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - View

Pantan Beach

Following along with the rest of Croatia, Trogir has beautiful beaches suitable for all ages. The closest beach to the centre is Pantan Beach that is located at the mouth of a Pantan River. Here you can find a sand sunbathing area, which is rare for Croatia, as well as shallow water which is great if you are travelling with children. There is also a café on the beach to get drinks, food and of course ice-cream. You can take the public bus from Trogir’s bus station to get here or drive if you have your own car.

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Beach

Okrug Beach

If you are more of a sea person, then Okrug Beach is for you. Located about 5 km from the centre, it the most popular of the beaches in the area. Here you can find restaurants and bars that stay open throughout the night offering night time entertainment. If you want to stay active there is a water sports centre that offers various activities. There are more beach locations depending on where you are staying or how far you are willing to travel from the town centre.

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Local Farmers Market

Located 100 meters from the bus station is a local farmers market. Here you can find fresh fruits and vegetables as well as locally produced olive oil. As a traveller, I love to support local businesses and farmers and this is the perfect place to do so. Most sellers speak English, or just enough to tell you how much you owe them. There are also meat shops and bakeries within the market that are usually cheaper than your supermarkets. So if you are staying in a private apartment and want to cook a meal, the market is a place I would go to grab supplies. During the summer season, locals also set up souvenir booths that sell handmade goods as well.

How to Get to Trogir

Located 28 kilometres north of Split, it is a quick forty-minute drive perfect for a day trip and to eat lunch along the beautiful Riva. If you are coming by bus, the station is a three-minute walk from the Old Town and buses run about every 30 mins to an hour depending on the day to both Zadar and Split. There are many places to stay in Trogir if you choose to stay the night, whether it’s a hotel, hostel or private apartment. At the bus station, you will also find a shuttle bus that takes you to the airport since its only 10 minutes away from Split’s International Airport. And sailors are welcome as well! Across a walking bridge from the Old Town is a beautiful marina. During my last trip to Trogir, I found many sailors docking their boats for the day and enjoying lunch in the restaurants along the sea.

Things to do in Trogir Croatia Travel Blog - Marina

Trogir Fun Facts

  • It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been since 1997
  • It was once a big port, dating back to the Romans.
  • It sits on the Adriatic coast, a stone’s throw from Split, Dalmatia

For a small town, Trogir is packed with all you need for a day trip to get out of the busy cities during tourist season. With restaurants and cafes located all around, it’s a place to relax and enjoy the summer weather. So, grab your friends or loved ones and come visit!