The Top 10 Beaches in Montenegro

With a rich history and culture, dramatic mountain landscapes and gorgeous golden beaches, Montenegro is Europe‘s hidden gem of breathtaking beauty. Though Croatia dominates the Adriatic coastline, Montenegro’s 295km share
is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, each with
their own unique character and feel. From quaint coastal corners to spectacular sandy stretches, here’s our list of the top 10 beaches in Montenegro.

© MarcoFieber/Flickr
© MarcoFieber/Flickr

Sveti Stefan

Formerly a 15th century residential village, and later a glamorous holiday spot for stars such as Marilyn Monroe, the tiny islet of Sveti Stefan is a celebrated hotel resort and tourist destination. The public beach at Sveti Stefan is situated at the end of the causeway, and provides excellent views of the quaint, red-roofed buildings and winding streets. This is a top choice to meander amongst white sandy beaches and first-rate luxury hotels.

Murići, Lake Scadar

Lake Scadar is a beautiful freshwater lake bordering Albania and Montenegro. In the 13th century the site was part of the ancient Slav kingdom of Zeta, and in 2011 it was nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Distanced from the popular tourist trails, the tranquility of the area gives the lake and its beach a peaceful, secluded atmosphere. This is a haven for visitors
wishing to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Montenegro countryside off
the beaten track.

Petrovac Bay | © VictorGleim/Flickr
Petrovac Bay | © VictorGleim/Flickr


Situated on the Budva riveria, and boasting turquoise waters and rustic old town settlements, the two beaches at Petrovac are popular amongst both tourists and locals. With many charming cafés, restaurants and attractions set on the golden sand, this spot is bustling with life during the summer months. There is a small but thriving nightlife scene here too, ensuring a lively and exciting stay for all holidaymakers.


Accessible only by boat from Herzeg-Novi, Rose, Zanjice and Miriste, and a lesser known destination among tourists, Dobrec is a secluded cove offering visitors a slice of tranquil paradise. Here tourists will find crystal clear waters and an idyllic pebbly beach, with comfy hammocks available for hire throughout the day. The small beachfront restaurant serves fresh fish caught locally, and provides a range of traditional and delicious Montenegrin dishes. With views comparable to those on a desert island, there is nothing not to love about Dobrec beach.

Jaz Beach Budva Montenegro  | © BratislavTabas/Flickr
Jaz Beach Budva Montenegro | © BratislavTabas/Flickr

Jaz Beach

One of the longest and liveliest beaches in Montenegro, Jaz beach is a hub of activity, music and movement. The site hosts the yearly Sea Dance Festival, a live music concert which attracts a plethora of visitors every summer, and was named one of Europe’s top 10 summer festivals by Forbes magazine. The beach is clean and pebbly, and is lined with cafés and restaurants in which to refresh and revitalise. Jaz beach is also a top spot for visitors interested in water sports, as it offers a range of activities including surfing, waterskiing and windsurfing.


Despite attracting a large number of visitors, Lucice beach in Petrovac remains unspoiled and pristine, a cosy and intimate example of a Montenegro beachfront. The area is formed in the shape of a small bay, and is surrounded by picturesque pine trees, cyprus trees and olive groves. The shallow water here makes it an ideal swimming destination for families wishing to let children paddle happily.

Ulcinj Mala Plaža | © HistoriasDelEste/Flickr
Ulcinj Mala Plaža | © HistoriasDelEste/Flickr

Mala Plaža

Mala Plaža is a smaller version of the large sandy beach in the area, and marks the southernmost point of Montenegro. The beach borders the town of Ulcinj, an ancient seaport inhabited and functioning since the Bronze Age. With fine white sand and plenty of space, this beach is a pleasant place to spend a day sunbathing or exploring the unique town of Ulcinj. Its largely Muslim population injects the area with interesting Eastern influences, and there is an array of beautiful mosques and Middle Eastern restaurants to explore.


Divided from the bustling town of Budva by a beautiful peninsula, Bečići Beach is quieter than the main beaches, but still has many attractions to offer the tourist. The Bečići cove is a long sandy stretch at some points 100m wide, encompassed by mountains and surrounded by crystal blue waters. There are many watersport options to choose from here including kayaking and surfing. Be sure to check out the variety of delicious ice cream parlours along the promenade, providing perfect places to cool down after a day in the sun.

Mogren Beach in Budva, Montenegro | © DavidDufrescne/Flickr
Mogren Beach in Budva, Montenegro | © DavidDufrescne/Flickr


Mogren is a golden Montenegro beach separated into two parts by a ruggedly charming mountain. Adventurous travellers can enjoy exploring the cave that connects the two beaches, or climb the rocky terrain that borders the water, just remember to bring sensible footwear. Only 150m away from the old city, with its interesting architecture and variety of bars and restaurants, Mogren beach caters to a multitude of needs and provides an entertaining and enjoyable place to relax.

Plavi Horizonti

Nestled on the Luštica peninsula, Plavi Horizonti is a blue flag beach popular amongst families, and renowned for its clean water. The gorgeous clarity of the sea here elevates it as one of the best spots for snorkelling, with the enhanced visibility making it easy to see a variety of fish and marine life. Those wishing to relax on the golden sands will not be disappointed at
Plavi Horizonti, which is a quiet and peaceful Montenegrin beach ideal
for nature lovers.