Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Chrissy Teigen Wishes She Could Be an Airline Blogger

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  • June 14, 2017
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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen told Travel and Leisure, “One of my biggest dreams is to rate airplane food.”

“I love airplane food. I’ve always been a fan of compartmentalized food. I love things where they are in their own little area,” Teigen told T+L. “I’ve always loved everything about it whether it’s coach, first class, business — it doesn’t matter. If things were wrapped in plastic bag I loved it. I’ve always been intrigued by it.”

As T+L explains “she wouldn’t mind eating airplane food professionally.” The new spokesperson for Smirnoff vodka it seems wishes she could give up her Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover and sit behind a keyboard writing reviews of inflight meals after snapping countless photos onboard (possibly breaking airline rules in the process if she doesn’t first clear her plans with the carrier’s corporate communications department).

Chrissy Teigen with Husband John Legend at the Academy Awards, Copyright buzzfuss / 123RF Stock Photo

Onboard food does matter a great deal. She’d find that United has a tasty domestic breakfast up front, that burgers can make for a good first class meal though on most airlines they’re mediocre, and that Etihad’s first class meal service is the most customizable.

Etihad Salmon Biryani

Here are the airlines where you’ll want to eat onboard instead of dining in a restaurant.

Singapore Airlines Laksa

As for Teigen’s favorites,

“Virgin has the most innovative coolest menu, but sometimes they’re too cool for their own good,” said Teigen. But she still loves their food. “Virgin America does a chilaquile that is crazy delicious. Lunch kind of always sucks, so I try to always get dinner or breakfast on the flight. For breakfast I always get the omelet. [They do] one with red bell peppers, potatoes and herb goat cheese spread.”

I’ll be honest, growing up I was focused on the debate team and didn’t really hang out with the cheerleaders — except when they needed help studying for an exam. Who knew that a supermodel would ultimately look on me with envy?