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I like Split a lot. There is something about this Croatian town and its atmosphere that excites me and it just feels good being there. I like its buzzing seafront promenade, charming neighborhoods of Varos and Matejuska, its bustling green and fish markets, and a historical palace. It is the largest town in Dalmatia, and a second largest in Croatia.

Best Bars In Split Croatia | Croatia Restaurant Guide

One thing that you’ll notice when traveling around Croatia, and Split is not an exemption, is that people love bars. Sometimes it seems that nobody actually works, because anytime of the day you pass by, the bars and its terraces are buzzing with people. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a great nightlife.

Split’s got a decent nightlife, and enough clubs to choose from for your late night out. Majority of late night clubs are out of the old town and by the beach. The party at the clubs doesn’t start before 11 pm. Locals usually start their night in the bars within the old town, and then move outwards to beachfront venues.

Guide on Split Bars and Nightlife

Split seafront promenade, Riva, is lined up with cafes. This is a good spot to go for a drink during the day or early evening to warm up for your late night out in Split.

The most popular bar in Split among locals, with almost cult following is the Ghetto Club. Located in a courtyard, on Dosud street, Ghetto Club often hosts live performances, art exhibitions, and has a bit of underground club feel.

Split Bars and Nightlife: Ghetto Bar

Split Bars: Ghetto’s courtyard terrace is lively place to hang out during the summer

Next to Ghetto is another popular spot, a Fluid Bar. This is the tiniest bar possible, but well worth seeking out. The interior of the bar is stunning, built into the town’s walls. Outside there are just few tables, but lots of people just hangout around the bar.

Few stairs below Fluid Bar, you’ll find the last one of the three, legendary Puls Bar reborn few years ago as Figa. This is a two-story bar-cum-restaurant with a small outdoor seating on the stepped street outside. Food is good, and so are cocktails, and their house wine.

To je to is another popular bar in Split. An American-Honduran couple opened the bar few years ago, and it quickly gained regulars. It’s a friendly little place with great choice of local craft beer, and a selection of Croatian-style schnapps, called rakija here.

Split Bars and Nightlife: Cute street seating

Many Split Bars offer cute street seating

One of the most popular cocktail bars in the old town Split is Bar Gaga. Located near the town’s market, this tiny bar is permanently busy. You should arrive early if you want to have a table. Otherwise, you can always hangout on the street and enjoy the vibe. Cocktails come dangerously cheap.

Charlie’s bar is another good spot in the old town with good mix of local and international crowd, great atmosphere, and cheap drinks.

The largest pub in Split, Fabrique, has a lovely industrial-style interior, and over 40 international beers. The place is huge with front room for drinks, and back room for dining. Fabrique is open until 2 am, and on weekends it hosts DJs.

In Zvoncac Bay you’ll find a popular cocktail bar Jungla. Located right at the seafront, the bar features a large outdoor terrace. The bar plays electronic music and stays open until 3 am.

If you like a bit of an alternative music club, head for Quasimodo Club located ten minutes walk north of the old town. Quasimodo serves as a coffee bar during the day, and a mini club during the night. Program includes live performances, DJ nights, and music varies from  rock, indie rock, jazz, blues, and sometimes thematic music nights featuring any style.

Split Bars and Nightlife: Attractive terraces

Split Bars: In Split, like in the rest of Croatia, people love to cafes

Located right at the Bacvice Beach, Tropic Club is a popular late nightspot in Split. Located on the first-floor, the club has some pretty impressive views over Adriatic. It’s a fashionable, dress to impress, and dance a night away spot in Split. 

Located East of the Bacvice Beach, O’Hara Club is a very popular late nightspot in Split. This is a large two-story beachfront club that often features live concerts, DJ nights and alike. It alternates music styles throughout its two floors. They also have thematic nights throughout the week. You can enjoy anything at O’Hara from electronic music, rock, pop, trash, dance, etc. The club has a big parking place. Unfortunately O’Hara has permanently closed since 2016.

Zbirac bar at Bacvice beach is as local as it can get. Locals love to hang out here. It’s all day hangout spot right at the beachfront. Plenty sea breeze galore, great place just to have a cold beer during the hot summer days and enjoy watching a game of picingin at the beach.

We’ve kept something special for the end – Marvlvs Bar. It’s not quite a party place, but rather a lovely, unique jazz and library bar located in a 15th century palace, that’s thought to be a birth house of Marko Marulic, a famed renaissance poet and writer. The interior is amazing: original cobblestone flooring, and wooden beam ceiling. Very cool place!

Map of Split bars, clubs & nightlife

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