More Power to You, Gruz

Gruz ships

We have some good news for residents of Gruz and everybody interested in visiting this lovely settlement of southern Croatia. According to the latest media update, the government has agreed to initiate Gruz’s major infrastructural revolution. This includes building a high-tech sea terminal, capable of hosting cruiser-class ships, a shopping center of a considerable size and a garage space for motorized vehicles with capacity of 500 parking spots. The package also comes with a large bus station, with lines open to all Croatian destinations of importance.

The newly built complex will also feature a vast garden area. One of its pavilions will have a cable railway station, allowing visitors to have a ride of their lives to the much-loved localities of Srd and Nuncijata.

The whole project will be open for concession, so a public bidding will be organized for interested sides. The contract will last for 40 years, and officials hope that during this time, Gruz will add even more power to Croatia’s tourist potential.

Gruz is a neighborhood of Dubrovnik, founded in 13th century by Ragusian nobility (Ragusa was the name of Dubrovnik Republic, as the city functioned as a sovereign state up to Napoleon times). It is nice to know that today, almost one millennia after its foundation, it still reaches new heights.

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