Last-minute souvenir shopping panic resolved

Luka GerlancLuka GerlancDragan MaticNiksa Stipanicev

If you’re getting ready to leave Croatia and can’t find the time to shop for souvenirs, don’t think you’re stuck with breaking the bank at the airport. Even after you leave the country you’ll have plenty of opportunity to buy mementos for yourself or traditional or quirky gifts for you friends and family at home online with Croatian gifts shops you can find online and some direct purchases as well.

The most recently established web shop offering national brands you can buy from the comfort of your home, called Croatian Corner. Its selection includes products from Croatian renowned wine scene, local pasta and sauce kinds, as well as natural cosmetics. It’s more like a street than a corner in the internet, and it’s a great source for special ingredients for that yummy Croatian recipe you learned during your stay.

Dragan Matic

A website called Croshop sells some rather unique merchandise, including dolls wearing national uniforms (military or traditional folk garments – have your pick) and items associated with the country’s soccer clubs. Another interesting category of items are the computer games available for sale made by Croatian software teams.

Another online option is Heart of Croatia, which sells hundreds of Croatian souvenirs online — everything ranging from a playful bilingual guide to flirting in Croatian to framed licitar hearts, with clothes, music CDs, books and more in between.

So feel free to eat those bajadera you’ve been trying to resist on the plane — you can get more for everyone else after you land!