Holidays with Kids in Croatia

Holidays with Kids in Croatia

Spending summer holidays with kids requires some special preparations. Well, if you’re planning to take your kids and spend family holidays in Croatia, don’t worry, there’s enough you can do to satisfy both yours and their needs for fun. In case you maybe find rafting too adventurous you can always act as if you’re helping your kids and play in sand all day long.

What fun activities can kids (and their parents) do while on family holidays in Croatia?

Meet T-Rex
Kids love theme parks where they can learn a bit of something new and play a lot. When a theme park has dinosaurs as its main theme – well then a visit to the park is an absolute must! Dinoparks in Funtana (Istria) and Omiš (Dalmatia) are a great chance for your young ones to meet these long extinct animals that have continued to tickle our imagination to this day. If you’re spending your summer holidays with kids in Croatia be sure not to miss these attractions.

Watch a meteor shower
Tears of Saint Lawrence is a celestial event which can be viewed every year on August 12th. That day you can witness a real meteor shower in the sky. All you have to do is go to a place with as little public light as possible and enjoy the sparks in the sky. You can even go a step further and observe this event more ”professionally” by visiting an observatory. In Istra there’s a famous Višnjan observatory, and if you’re somewhere near Split go to the so called Star Village observatory located on Mosor mountain.

Pat a donkey or a goat
Spending summer with kids in Croatia is an ideal chance for your young ones to meet animals typical for the Mediterranean. In Sutivan Nature Park located on the island of Brač animals are used to being around both kids and adults and they move around freely. There you can pat goats, sheep and everyone’s favorite – donkeys. If you prefer wild animals there you can also see roe deer, ostrich, mouflon and Vietnamese pig, but of course unlike the previously mentioned animals these ones are caged.

Take a peek into the underwater world
You don’t have to be a diver to be able to experience the depths of the Adriatic Sea. All you have to do is just visit the aquariums in Umag, Rovinj, Poreč and Pula and see first-hand the secrets of the Adriatic underworld. Pula boasts the richest collection of sea animals, and no doubt your little ones will be amazed by different kinds of colorful tropical fish.

Build sandcastles
The Adriatic Coast is renowned for its pebble beaches, but if you’re spending your holidays with kids sand is the obvious choice. You don’t have to worry kids might get hurt and building of sandcastles will occupy them completely so you’ll be able to sunbath at peace, or maybe even join them.
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