Girls Talk: What to Wear in Croatia

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Kristin Francis a dedicated and passionate traveller, with special interest in shopping around the world. On her website Souvenir Finder you can discover numerous tales about destinations she visited, as well as customs and buying habits she encountered on her voyages. In her recent article, published on Chasing the Donkey, she gives tips to stylish women on which clothes to buy for Croatia.

If you want to fit in with the local women while on your vacation in Croatia, think seaside glamour and effortless chic. Unlike other European cities where local stylish women rarely stray from a subdued navy/gray/black/white palate, Croatian women are not afraid to wear brighter colors, which look fabulous against a Mediterranean tan.

Never sloppy, Croatian women eschew cargo shorts and baggy tee shirts for more streamlined and form-fitting silhouettes.

Considering your summer vacation in Croatia may take you from a lazy day on the beach to a night out in the city to a hike in the mountains, it can be tricky to find outfits that can work for multiple occasions. The key is picking simple pieces that you can dress down for day and dress up for night. Read More.

What do you plan to wear during your visit to Croatia? Leave your picks in the comments section below.