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Giostra Festival is a post written by Frank’s friend Snjezana. She is an active member of Giostra association. Thus, the best person to present you Giostra Festival, a historical festival held in Porec every September. Snjezana will run a series of posts on Giostra, here at Frank’s blog.

Giostra is a historical Porec festival held every year on the second weekend of September. We are bunch of enthusiastic people, that we put lots of time, energy and love into making this festival happen. We are all volunteers. We try to make every performance fun for us, enjoyable and entertaining for visitors. At the same time, we believe that through our performances, visitors, tourists and locals, can learn something about Porec history.

Giostra Historical Festival Porec

Giostra Festival People

Second weekend of September, when we do our main program, shows are free of charge. If you happen to be in Porec at that time, join us. Enjoy, relax, have fun, learn to dance, travel with us into the seventeenth century.  If you feel we are doing a good job, you can support us by donating a small sum of money to our association.

About Giostra Festival

I joined Giostra association three years ago. I was so excited. I joined Giostra’s dancers! Oh man, who wants to learn baroque dance?? Honestly, it must be something wrong with me, but I enjoyed every step along the way! I can’t really call it dancing. It looks more like walking  in and out of a circle, few steps left, few steps right. It helps if we all go into the same direction, though! Occasionally we have passers by just walking into middle of our so called dance. It doesn’t even bother. Nobody noticed anyway. It looks like they are doing the steps. They are just not dressed like they came out of 17th century. Actually our glamorous dresses help us a lot, because people watch our clothes, not our dance. Our dresses are large, heavy and widely. It is hard to sit into a chair, or to go to the toilet for that matter. Shoes are not that comfortable either, but I like every single bit of a day and can’t wait for the next September to come!

Historical festival - Giostra Porec

Beautiful dresses at Giostra festival in Porec

Those three days every September Porec goes back into seventeenth century. Festival for us includes lots of walking and talking. We are out on the streets of Porec all day long, talking to tourists and locals about history of Porec. Italian performers join us every year. Dressed in medieval fashion, we perform with swords, and there are lots of drums playing.  All in all, it is a very noisy program.

My friend Frank fell in love with Giostra even though he never saw any performance, just listening to my stories about Giostra every time we meet. Last year he was so close to join Giostra association but at the end he decided not to. Keep fingers crossed that he changes his mind so maybe this year you can see him if you happened to be in Porec second weekend in September.

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