Exploration In Lombok-6 Things You Should Not Miss

Lombo- Pink Beach

Lombok is an famous island which located in Indonesia. Every year millions of tourists are attracted to Bali, many places on Lombok are still untouched. In fact, Lombok offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, friendly and interesting people, tasty food and fantastic nature. Let’s discover this stunning island.

Mount Rinjani
The second highest volcano of Indonesia is definitely one of the highlights of Lombok! You can book multi-day, guided tours to the Crater Lake and even to the top at all touristy spots. Lombok-Mount Rinjani

Pusuk Monkey Forest
Taking a winding road through a breathtaking mountain landscape is the second option to get to Bangsal. It’s were one finds the so-called monkey forest, named after the numerous wild monkeys in the jungle and near the street. Feed the hungry and annoying little bastards at the view points if you like. . You can go there by scooter as well, but always “Hati Hati”, like the Indonesian says.Lombok-Pusuk Monkey Forest

After Senggigi, Kuta is probably the second tourist hotspot on Lombok. It offers beautiful beaches as well and lots of accommodation and restaurants. From here you can explore the dream beaches of Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak since they are very close by. Even Kuta beach itself is worth a look.Lombok-kuta

Tanjung Aan
Turquoise sea and white sand, the way I love it! Even here you can climb a rock to enjoy a breathtaking view over the bay and beach.Lombok-Tanjung Aan

Pink Beach
You need a good driver or strong nerves to get to this one! The drive is quite difficult since in my opinion the streets cannot be called streets anymore. If you actually make it you will be rewarded with a desolate quiet beach. It is called after its pink sand that consists out of coral. The view from the near viewpoint is marvelous as well and popular Tanjung Ringgit is situated close by.Lombo- Pink Beach

Sasak culture
The Sasak are the indigenous people of this island, which today make about 85% of the total population of Lombok. Their culture is fascinating and as a visitor you definitely need to experience it. Their food known for its spiciness, their handicraft, their music and dances, the typical Sasak houses or a Sasak wedding with (extreme loud) street parade with “Gendang Beleq” musicians you need to experience. There are plenty wedding parades on Lombok, especially on the weekends. Lombok-Sasak culture