Eua-The Oldest Island Of Tonga Kingdom

Tonga Eua island travel introduction 02

Kingdom of Tonga is located in South Pacific.It famous for its beautiful scenery. the country has more than 170 islands. And Eua is the Tonga Kingdom’s oldest island which covered with hills and lush rainforest. Look forward to the Kingdom’s best hiking with well-marked trails criss-crossing the pristine ‘Eua National Park.
Tonga Eua island travel introduction
Experience the spectacular cliffs, caves and sinkholes of northern ‘Eua or venture to the rocky southern coastline. Watch sea birds soaring atop the thermal currents swirling around ‘Eua’s dramatic cliffs or descend through lush rainforest to the ocean below. Keep an ear open for the call of the Koki, ‘Eua’s rare red-breasted musk parrot.Tonga Eua island travel introduction 02
Markedly larger wildlife includes visiting Humpback whales from June to November, often cruising remarkably close to ‘Eua’s rocky shoreline. For divers, ‘Eua’s most spectacular highlight is one of the South Pacific’s largest underwater caverns. It is naturally, illuminating a huge amphitheatre at a depth of almost 30 metres.Tonga Eua island travel introduction 03
The friendly, generous people and their traditional way of life so different to the rushed, stressed, modern world the markets, the scenery, the beaches, the shops, and the slower way of life, all contributed to a completely unique holiday. Traffic is leisurely and contributed to the overall feeling of relaxation, and we quickly got used to not having to rush around. Anyone wanting to unwind and find some peace only has to visit beautiful Tonga.Tonga Eua island travel introduction 04