En primeur wine tasting of young Malvasia

Vinistra, association of  winegrowers and winemakers of Istria, organizes the first Croatian en primeur wine tasting of young Istrian Malvasia vintage 2011. Event will take place in The Regent Esplanade hotel in Zagreb, on Monday 13th of February 2012. From 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm, it is invitation only part of the event, and is reserved for an industry professionals: sommeliers, distributors, restaurateurs and media. From 4.00 pm until 7.00 pm, the event is open to public. In order to attend this event you are requested to register online prior to the event. There is a 50 kn deposit that will be returned to you at the end of the event.

Istrian Malvasia - Sonata

Istrian Malvasia – Sonata

Based on en primeur principle, 26 Istrian winemakers will present their malvasia vintage 2011, and later on some of their aged wines. Participating winemakers are: Agrolaguna, Franc Arman, Benvenuti, Capo, Cattunar, Commot, Coronica, Damijanic Robi, Damjanic Ivan, Degrassi, Devalentinis, Ferenac, Gerzinic, Kabola, Kalavojna, Kozlovic, Legovic, Matosevic, Meneghetti, Poletti, Prodan, Radovan, Ritosa, San Tommaso, Sirotic Dario, Tercolo, Tomaz, Trapan, Vinobile, Vino P&P and Vivoda.

Wines Of Istria

Istrian Wines

En primeur wine tastings are related to French wine regions Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone. Presenting young wine based on en primeur principle, winemakers try to show a potential of a particular vintage to the professionals in the industry, that should, at the end, ease their investment in the wine. This way, people who are professionally involved in the wine industry, have an opportunity to learn more about malvasia vintage 2011, and to make business deals regarding purchase and distribution of malvasia of this particular vintage.

Istrian Wines

Istrian Wines Enjoyed!

Vinistra, bringing for the first time en primeur wine tasting to Croatian market, wants to continue building its image of innovative association always thinking of the new ways to present the best of its territory. Vinistra has always been focused on new, innovative and direct ways of promoting Istrian winemakers as well as Istrian lifestyle.

Malvasia Vineyard in Istria

Malvasia Vineyard in Istria

En primeur wine tasting is just one of the events that will be held prior to the 19th Vinistra Exhibition, taking place from 11th until 13th of May 2012, in Porec.