Dubrovnik’s BestContemporary Art Galleries: The Wonders of Croatian Culture

Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most beautiful seaside resort, is a cultural destination
par excellence. A holiday in this colourful Adriatic city would not be complete
without a tour these seven contemporary art galleries, many of which display
the works of up-and-coming, as well as established local artists.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
© Mario Fajt/Flickr

Homa Gallery

Homa is the gallery of Dubrovnik-born painter Jadranka Mihajlovic
Munitic, one of the most renowned contemporary artists in Croatia, loved by the
public for her large, strongly coloured and hypnotic canvases. Located in the
charming Old Town, Homa Gallery is highly respected by artists, curators and locals
alike, and a wonderful surprise for the tourists strolling around the medieval
streets of Dubrovnik, looking for original Croatian art. Profoundly in love
with her native town, Jadranka Mihajlovic Munitic recreates an almost fantastic
view of Dubrovnik’s symbols and landmarks such the Rector’s Palace, the
Cathedral, the harbour, the boats, the old streets and the sea. Her paintings
are displayed at Homa Gallery, alongside other artworks by contemporary
Croatian artists.

Homa Gallery, Žudioska 3, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 20 321 129

Homa Gallery
© Homa Gallery

War Photo Limited

War Photo Limited is an unconventional addition to Dubrovnik’s art scene.
Located in the historical centre of the city, this bold and strongly
educational gallery presents the works of the world’s best-known
photojournalists representing their perspective on modern-day war and conflict
photography. With a clear aim of educating the public on the raw and profoundly
unjust character of war, this gallery features war photography collections such
as as Broken Lights of Yugoslavia by
Emmanuel Ortiz, Africa by Patrick
On Revolution Road by Yuri Kozyrev
and Forsaken by Lana Slezic, and features a special exhibit dedicated to women war photographers.

War Photo Limited, Antuninska 6, Dubrovnik,
Croatia, +385 20 322 166

TALIR Art Gallery

TALIR is one of the most renowned art galleries in Dubrovnik, surprising
the visitors who manage to find it in Dubrovnik’s maze of narrow alleyways with
a valuable collection of Croatian painters. Hidden in the heart of the old
town, TALIR Art Gallery has been connecting art and the general public for over
20 years, during which time it has hosted many exhibitions of famous artists
and was awarded the ‘Authentically Croatian’ certificate, binding it even more
to the national and local art scene.

TALIR Art Gallery, Čubranovićeva 7, Dubrovnik, Croatia,+385 20 323 293

TALIR Art Gallery
© TALIR Art Gallery

Art Studio Begović

Present since 2003 on Dubrovnik’s art scene, the Begović Art Studio boasts
a large collection of Croatian and international art, and provides a great
opportunity to explore Dubrovnik’s artistic heritage in a cosy setting. The studio is home to the works of artists such as Marija Jug Pecarić, Milovan
Stanić, Zoltan Novak,
Zdravko Pal; the sculptures
of Josip Ivanović, and the graphics of Duro Pulitika.

Art Studio Begović, Marka Marulića 9, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385
20 435 525

Romana Art Gallery

Romana Milutin Fabris is perhaps the most acclaimed contemporary painter
living and working in Dubrovnik, and one of the most respected Croatian artists
today. Her work spans over five decades, making a visit to her gallery a unique
chance to explore a wider perspective on Dubrovnik – the perspective that has brought
her fame in Croatia’s art market and allowed her to participate in over 150
collective exhibitions and 100 solo exhibitions to date. Visitors can discover
her vibrant and vivid imagery of Dubrovnik in two galleries: one located by the
sea, in Hotel Palace Dubrovnik, and the other in the old town.

Romana Art Gallery, Hotel Palace Dubrovnik
Masarykov 20, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 (0)91 584 4946 ;
Marojice Kaboge bb, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385
(0)91 501 3318

Romana Milutin Fabris Exhibition | Photo © Nora Novak
Romana Milutin Fabris Exhibition | Photo © Nora Novak

Artur Gallery

Located near Dubrovnik’s iconic street, Straden, Artur Gallery is a
small contemporary art gallery that hosts various art exhibitions and workshops
throughout the year. Enjoying a solid reputation on Dubrovnik’s art scene,
Artur Gallery displays the works of the finest Croatian artists and manages a
gift shop where visitors can purchase a local book by Italian cartoonist Osvaldo
Cavandoli – the book features 35 stories about Dubrovnik written by the owner
of Artur Gallery,
Tea Batinić, and illustrated by the Italian artist.

Artur Gallery, Od Domina 2, Dubrovnik, Croatia, +385 32 37 73

AR Atelier

Located just 30 km outside of Dubrovnik, AR Atelier is the gallery of
young Croatian artist Antonia Rusković Radonić. Enjoying a scenic view of the
Adriatic Sea, AR Atelier displays and sells original paintings and artworks
such as painted silk, pottery and
traditional Konavle embroidery. Antonia Rusković Radonić’s creations are very much influenced by the
beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the traditions of Dubrovnik and
Konavle. Visitors can also take part in the art courses – drawing, painting and
silk painting – organised by AR Atelier.

AR Atelier, Gruda 49, 20215, Gruda,
Croatia, +385 20 791 355

AR Atelier
© AR Atelier

By Diana Condrea

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