Croatia’s little tigers

Neja Markicevic / CROPIX Agency  (10)

Zagreb went into cat mode last weekend, as several animal exhibitions were organized in Westgate shopping mall. Visitors were introduced to numerous cat species, and informed about their habits and unique features. Proud owners even allowed their pets to be cuddled by curious audience, at least in cases of more tolerant animals. Others were slightly stressed, probably afraid to become faunal celebrities.

The exhibited cats had their moment of stardom, but they are not the only diamonds of Croatian felinology. Far from Zagreb’s busy streets and neon lights, in the high grounds of Gorski Kotar, lies Risnjak National Park. Its very name is derived from the word Ris meaning ‘a bobcat’. These animals are present in the area; however their population has seen better days. At the global scale, forest beasts are declining due to human spreading and illegal hunting, and unfortunately, the situation is not much different in Croatia. The experts

Hopefully, the country’s environmental programs will help bobcats to recover. In the meantime, you can enjoy the photos of their smaller cousins in our gallery:

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