Croatia Travel Guide-Things To Do In May

Things in Croatia-Open Wine Cellars Day

Summer is coming, there are many funny festivals and events will be held in this month in Croatia. Here are some events in Croatia. If you plan to go there for, it will help a lot.

The ninth Rovinj Photodays takes place in May 2016; as well as the main exhibition featuring works submitted to the international photography competition, the event also includes other exhibitions, lectures, workshops and presentations. The event always has one main theme and then additional photography displays on the side. Things in Croatia-Rovinj Photodays
Each May, the Vinistra exhibition in Porec allows wine-lovers to come and sample local specialties. The exhibition – now in its 23rd year – also always features olive oils and brandies; over 100 exhibitors show wines, oils and spirits. Things in Croatia-Vinistra exhibition
Wine Day (“Open Wine Cellars Day”) allows people to tour the wine producers of Istria, conducting tastings (and hopefully purchasing wine too, if something takes your fancy!). This takes place on a Sunday in late May each year.Things in Croatia-Open Wine Cellars Day