What You Can Do In Seychelles Island

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With a population of only 87 000, spread over a total of 115 islands which bear 15 types of mangoes, 17 types of banana and four types of coconut and have no monkeys, snakes or tigers, the Seychelles archipelago is the definition of paradise. One of its islands, Cousin Island is managed solely by local staff. Their objective is to save the population of the Seychelles warblers. It is also the most important breeding site for the hawksbill turtle. The reserve benefits local communities on the neighbouring Praslin Island through eco-tourism. The island is open to visitors five days a week.Seychelles island travel guide
If you are staying on the neighbouring island Praslin, arrange a trip to Cousin Island through your hotel or guesthouse. They will either sort out the details for you or act as an agent to find a local tour operator charter who can take you to the island. Visitors over the age of 12 will pay SR500. This is Seychelles’s local currency, the Seychellois Rupee (SR), which translates to R425 at time of publishing. Visit Cousin Island’s official website for all the details.Seychelles island travel guide 03
The St Anne National Marine Park is roughly twenty minutes from Seychelles’s main island, Mahé, by slow boat. Green and hawksbill turtles are often found due to the large amounts of sea grass attracting them. Bottleneck dolphins also frequent the marine park. Enjoy local food at some of the restaurants on St. Anne’s itself.Seychelles island travel guide 02