Most Attractive Place In Greece-Corfu Island

Corfu island-Greece's most beautiful place 03

Corfu island is most popular islands of the Greece. Its has strong historical connection with Europe, this was among the first Greek islands to open to tourism. Located on the north western side of the country, Corfu island has a cosmopolitan feeling combined with a special traditional character. Corfu island-Greece's most beautiful place
Corfu has figured in our consciousness since Edward Lear visited and painted while it was a British possession from 1814 to 1864. The Durrell brothers lodged it even more firmly in the Anglo-Saxon psyche with their late-1930s sojourns, and subsequent rhapsodising in print.Corfu island-Greece's most beautiful place 03
Today the island has a somewhat chequered reputation, due in part to its associations with Peter Mandelson/Jacob and Nat Rothschild but also the notoriously downmarket excesses of Kávos in the south.
Corfu island-Greece's most beautiful place 04
Yet there is plenty in between for the rest of us, on one of the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to intermittent but torrential rains from September to June, and the thousands of olive trees that carpet the land­scape. It is also, perhaps surprisingly, one of the more rural, sleepy islands away from the touristic honeypots.Corfu island-Greece's most beautiful place 05
Tourist development is quarantined on certain coastal patches, and once inland you really seem to be on another island, even another era.  Secondary roads appear not to have changed since British times, and perennially rutted surfaces make driving a challenge.